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Welcome to the Airgun Guild Forum - New Members / new Canadian member
« on: February 16, 2017, 10:25:10 PM »
High folks. I'm native to Vancouver in western Canada, 55 years old-ish this year. Things have become a bit too unfriendly on the the forum I usually visit, so thanks to weird moderators there I've not been participating nearly as much of late. A friend, rrdstarr who recently joined here, pointed out the Guild today, and looking things over this seems a neat place to check in and maybe help out or pick people's brains now and then. So I joined too. Thanks for having us. Hope to learn lots here.

My airgunning started when I was 7, in 1968, with a repeater BB rifle from my stepdad. I learned to shoot fairly accurately when I moved up to pellet rifles and did a bit of hunting. Stopped when I was 14 after shooting a small songbird while showing off my quick-draw from-the-hip skills. Felt really idiotic for doing that. Sold my rifle and didn't shoot for a bunch of decades. But squirrels tormenting our garden brought me back... apparently it's illegal to live trap and relocate grey squirrels, an invasive species here though I did a lot of that for about 15 years, taking them to a big park on the back of my bicycle. It turns out to be legal to kill them so that's what I decided to do - after having been lectured by police, twice, about relocating them.

So since starting with a really awful pellet pistol in 2009 I've learned a lot, often thanks to rsterne, and have collected a handful of old Webley pistols, a Brocock Atomic which got itself turned into a takedown carbine, a QB57 which is no longer a bullpup but now a wire stocked collapsing carbine, a QB78D, a 2260, a Pardini K12 with which I competed in ISSF style 10 metre pistol events, and most recently a Walther LP53. Along the way there have been a Pardini K10, Diana Model 6, Gamo Center, Baikal 46m, and probably a few others I've since passed along to other airgunners. My 2240 carbine with regulated HiPAC is my son's now for HFT. He's 10 and loves shooting cans and whatever's reactive. I'm a violinmaker by trade, did a bit if time long ago as a machinist and welder so I tinker a lot and find airgun tinkering rather addictive. Make my own parts where I can, as buying stuff is often too easy or no fun or both.

I use the QB78D in .22" for HFT. Not ideal, but I like compact airguns, stuff I can carry in a backpack, and have converted this QB I bought used such that it is accurate enough to compete while being quite compact. A regulated Ninja bottle gives it 125+ shots per fill at a hair under 20fpe. I actually wanted an FX Impact... but the things took too long getting approved for sale in Canada so I sort of built a low rent equivalent and now don't want it any more. Moved on to lusting after an Edgun Leshiy... seems unlikely I'll manage to build anything like that. Anyway, here's my main toy at the moment and again, thanks for having me. Looking forward to the conversations.

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