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BULLFROGS BACKWOODS / .30 Flex Video Review
« on: September 16, 2017, 04:39:09 PM »
I got a video review coming for the .30 Flex. I've owned the gun for over a year now, so I know its ins and outs. I'll get the video edited and posted ASAP. Until then, here's what the gun regularly does at 100 yards:

BULLFROGS BACKWOODS / Bullfrog's Paradise!
« on: September 16, 2017, 04:35:27 PM »
It took the better part of the summer, but Mrs. Bullfrog and I got settled into our new farm. Here's some videos from the homestead:

Also, what's the anticipated psi range for it? Any chance it can go as high as 3200psi? Reason I ask about 3200 is because that's where my 108fpe tune peaks. I could probably get away with 3100 or 3050 though.

BULLFROGS BACKWOODS / Change is coming...
« on: February 26, 2017, 09:12:33 AM »
... and that's a good thing.

Mrs. Bullfrog and I have been secretly planning a move to a very rural part of Florida for some time. About the wildest place we could move to and still have access to our professions. Last December I took the first step and made the move ahead of the Mrs. to get things ready. Now things are coming together. Lord willing, this May we're going to be living on our dream homestead in wild Florida. It will be a fully functioning, self-sustaining farm off the grid. I'm going to be kind of vague about where it is, as my job is more sensitive now than it used to be and I don't want some of the bad guys I put away to be able to find where we live. The main thing to know is that we'll be on a farm in the middle of the woods with no neighbors and lots of critters to kill and eat.

If all goes according to plan, the videos will start flowing by summertime. I already know this place is loaded with deer, turkey, and varmints galore. So stay tuned...

BULLFROGS BACKWOODS / .30 Flex Wacks a Feeder Bandit on Scope Cam
« on: November 27, 2016, 06:51:39 PM »

OFF TOPIC / What a lovely morning this fine November 9, 2016...
« on: November 09, 2016, 12:01:45 AM »
... just say'in.  ;)

Airgun Ammo / Anyone else finding the .30 Polymags finicky?
« on: November 01, 2016, 08:04:32 PM »
When I first got my Flex I ordered 2 tins of .30 Polymags. I've been very sparing in shooting them. I'm only just now close to finishing up the second tin. Preliminary results at the default 80fpe indicated that they shot well at 25 yards. However, when I started stretching them out much further than that I started seeing flight consistent with tumbling. I had pretty much written them off.

However, last week I started experimenting with slowing them down and I found that they grouped ok out to 50 yards when launched around 860fps or below, with them shooting really well below 850fps. Once in a while they would throw a flier but more often than not the shots were tight. Then this weekend I turned the power up to 88fpe and found that they shot even better out to 40 yards. Not quite what I'd like them to be beyond 50 yards, but within that range they would be just fine for any hunting application I can think of. Therefore I'm coming around to believing they perform acceptably out of my gun at slower or faster than average speed, but there's an "unsweet" spot in between that they don't like.

Anyone else finding them really finicky?

Wicked Air Rifles (WAR) / Help me plan my backpacking WARP
« on: October 18, 2016, 08:22:17 PM »
In a couple of months I may be in a position to order a WARP. I already have a powerhouse setup with my Flex, so I have different needs to fill with the WARP. I'm sure this is a conversation I could have with Travis in PM when I put my order in, but I figure the info that will come out will be useful for everyone. Besides, planning in advance gives me something to look forward to. It will also let me put into practice some of the air gun physics Bob has been teaching us.

Here's what I need:

This gun will be mostly carried strapped to my backpack and used for hunting on 2-3 day camping excursions onto public land in Florida . The LDC will be left retracted until I set up camp, where I would then extend it and add the baffles. The two premiums are weight and shot count, with the understanding that I may have to trade one for the other. I do not carry an air source with me when I tent camp. The gun will mostly be used to take grey squirrels but I also want it to have just enough umph to take down a hog of small to normal size with a solid brain hit out to about 25 yards.  It also needs to be quiet, as I camp on public land where some unsavory types might be drawn to me if I announce my presence. Also, the game I hunt there is very heavily pressured by other hunters so the quieter the better.

I believe my desired results are going to favor a configuration with lighter build, yet a large shot count with the lowest FPE I can get away with and still be hog-ready.

1. What is the weight difference between the small and large bottles? If the weight difference is drastic, I may consider the smaller bottle and sacrifice shot count. If the weight difference is minor, the larger bottle would suit be better. Also, what are the fill pressures and capacities of the bottles? Is the large bottle the same bottle on the Flex? I would likely run the gun regulated so I could max out the bottle's pressure to help with shot count. I have a compressor so I can achieve whatever fill pressure I want. I need at least 20 full powered shots. 40-50 shots would me better.

2. .22 or .25? I want maximum shot count and quietness, with still enough power to kill a hog at short range.

Bob has educated me a lot about how caliber, sectional density, efficiency, fpe, and projectile penetration interrelate. I'm going to try to apply this knowledge to caliber selection, and ya'll can evaluate my reasoning.

I start with the presumption that a .25 shooting 40fpe is enough power to kill a normal-sized hog comfortably at close range, as a factory Gen 1 Marauder shoots around that level and can do it no problem so long as shot placement is correct. Of course more power would be better (60fpe is my favorite power level for a .25), but I really want the gun extra quiet and I'd be willing to sacrifice extra fpe and some shot placement versatility to keep it quiet.

Bob showed how the the larger SD a projectile has, the deeper it will penetrate at a given velocity. He also showed how a larger caliber projectile can be more air-use efficient than a smaller caliber projectile of the same weight and fpe/velocity. So there's a trade off when dealing with projectiles of the same weight and speed, but different calibers/diameters. The larger caliber will be more efficient, the smaller caliber will penetrate deeper.

The SD of a hypothetical 25 grain, non-expanding, .25 pellet is .0571. Because I can expect similar penetrative performance from other pellets of same or similar SD, I would want to find a .22 pellet with a comparable SD. An 18 grain .22 pellet has a SD of .0531. That's about as close as I can get, with the understanding that actual 18 grain pellet weights that are a bit heavier than my hypothetical 18.00 weight are going to raise that SD some.

Because the SD of the 25 grain .25 and the 18 grain .22 is very close, I would theorize that at the same velocity the .25 and .22 pellets are going to have roughly the same penetrative potential. As I've chosen 40fpe for my minimal hog killing power level in the .25, I would have the launch the .25 at 850fps to make 40fpe. If I launch the 18 grain .22 pellet at 850fps, it would make 29fpe of energy. Because the .22 pellet is lighter, I can make the required 29fpe at a lower pressure than what would be needed to make 40fpe in the .25. Thus the .22 set for 29fpe should give me more shots on a regulated gun with the roughly same penetrative potential as the .25 at 40fpe, all other factors being equal.

I found this formula in a firearms forum that claims to approximate penetrative potential in ballistics gel. I don't know if its correct for simulating performance in ballistics gel, but its helpful for expressing comparative penetration potential in inches. It of course presumes no expansion in the projectile:

(Weight x 100)\7000\Caliber\Caliber x 2.06 x (velocity\1000) = inches of penetration in ballistics gel.

I'll apply that formula to my hypothetical .25 and .22 pellets

.25 caliber, 25 grain pellet

(25 x 100)\7000\.25\.25 x 2.06 x (850\1000) = 10.00 inches of penetration

.22 caliber, 18 grain pellet

(18 x 100)\7000\.22\.22 x 2.06 x (850\1000) = 9.3 inches of penetration

The .25 wins by 7/10 of an inch, but its still close. If I up the velocity of the .22 a bit...

(18 x 100)/7000/.22/.22 x 2.06 x (900/1000) = 9.85 inches of penetration at 32fpe. That's a lot closer.

A velocity of 925 would cause the .22 to penetrate 10.12 inches and would put the .22 at 34fpe. Therefore at 34fpe, I have now surpassed the penetrative potential of the 40fpe .25.

Seems like my close-range, quiet, high shot-count, once in a blue moon, hog gun needs to be a .22, and it needs to shoot somewhere in the 32-34fpe range.

We know that if if the .22 was shooting 40fpe like the .25, the .25 would be more efficient. Now at what point will my my 30something fpe creep too high so as to make any efficiency and sound advantages over the .25 at 40fpe too minimal to worry about?

Thoughts and ideas on what I need to be wanting in my backpack gun?

OFF TOPIC / "The Stoneage is gone, we have Supermarkets"
« on: October 16, 2016, 10:47:09 AM »
... an anti-hunter actually stated that in a comment on one of my videos. We joke about antis thinking their food is grown in supermarkets, but I didn't think they were so ignorant as to actually say things like that.

I investigated that commenter's channel and he enjoys 3d target shooting of animal molds with a traditional bow, yet he hates actual hunting.

Strange times we live in...

BULLFROGS BACKWOODS / My First .30 Squirrels
« on: October 13, 2016, 06:41:36 AM »

BULLFROGS BACKWOODS / Hunting the Marsh Rabbit
« on: September 19, 2016, 10:19:27 AM »

BULLFROGS BACKWOODS / Bushcrafting in the Backwoods
« on: September 07, 2016, 08:56:02 PM »

Airgun Hunting / Would it be tasteless...
« on: August 18, 2016, 04:19:55 PM »
... to film myself hunting monkeys?

Ok, I already know the answer to that. But I'd REALLY like it if ya'll would affirm what I want to do but know I ought not. ;)

In my part of Florida we have a feral population of rhesus monkeys. They are not protected by the state. Although the state does not openly encourage hunting them, privately the state condones killing every one seen because of the health risks they pose (most of the population carries herpes and the monkeys are aggressive towards people). However, the state has to grant special dispensation to go hunt the monkeys on the state land most of the monkeys live on because that state-owned land is otherwise closed to hunting. I don't think it would be too big a problem for me to get this permission from the state to go hunt the monkeys on the state land. But I also know as a condition they would want me to keep my actions quiet because wildlife officials know how bent out of shape the public would get if it was shoved in the public's face the extent that the state persecutes the monkeys. There are already several private trappers in operation who hunt and trap the monkeys for profit that the state keeps on the down low. I'm not interested in cutting into their "turf" so to speak.

What's tempting me is that I just got back from a three day camping trip and I discovered a troop of the monkeys about 10 miles outside of the state land boundary. This would be an area that I would be allowed to hunt them on as invasive exotics with no further permission needed. It would be like hunting hogs... except they'd be monkeys and not hogs. I observed them on two different days and I noticed they have a moderate fear of man. It wouldn't be like hunting tame zoo animals. In fact they reminded me of giant squirrels the way they behaved. They really didn't like me looking at them. When they realized they were being watched they would generally try to hide from me and if they couldn't hide well in my line of sight they'd move off.

I know I ought not do it and ultimately I won't. I could get away with shooting them in private and maybe even get a pat on the back from the local wildlife officers so long as I didn't talk about it. But as soon as I posted a Youtube scope cam video of a monkey getting his brains blown out it would make the local paper and cause a poo storm. So that's a no-no for me. But it brought up an interesting question to my mind:

How many of us have hunting practices that are 100% legal and even environmentally logical, but we keep to ourselves out of fear of judgment from other hunters or the public at large? Thoughts?

Ask Bob / Projectile weight, fill pressure, and shot string curve
« on: August 04, 2016, 06:14:56 PM »
Does the weight of a projectile have a significant effect on where a bell curve begins and ends? For example, suppose I have a .357 airgun that shoots 150fpe set up to have a bell curve starting at a 2900psi fill using an 81 grain projectile. On the same tune, I switch to a 110 grain projectile. Would I expect my bell curve's starting pressire to change?

The real-world experience I have with this question is I owned an Evanix RS .357 for several months and after mods it easily made 150fpe with 81 grain pellets on a 2900psi fill. When I'd test cast slugs that weighed significantly more, the bell curve starting point seemed to begin at a lower pressure and the curve itself stretched out for more a few more shots.

Was I experiencing a fluke? Or are there valid physics behind this observation?

BULLFROGS BACKWOODS / Hunting Old Florida - Woodsmanship Archive
« on: July 24, 2016, 09:59:18 PM »

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