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Airgun Hunting / Rattus Rattus FallOffUs
« on: February 17, 2018, 11:51:51 PM »
A big Rattus Rattus with sizable jewels fell tonight to the Marauder .25. I had planned on using the Sumatra .25 with the ATN X-Sight, but the Sumatra has been less consistent than usual. So I grabbed the Marauder after the ding donger went off.

I headed out the door and one look made me think this one has evaded me once again. But I waited and a minute later it came back. Actually it may have been sitting in the shadows, but since I did not have the ATN on the Marauder all I can see is the area directly in front of the target. The ATN shows everything! I have an infrared light illuminating the two feeding stations.

I waited until I had a perfect headshot view, and once I did I let the pellet fly. Aimed for head, just above eyes. By the way the rat slumped over I knew it wasn’t getting back up. On examination, the pellet stuck just to the right of the left ear. Pellet exited 3/4 down the body, at the hip. I can imagine the damage the pellet did inside the rat.

Rat measured a bit over 16” including tail. Body was 8”. It was hefty to pickup!

Now it’s on the skunk path that goes under the fence.

Airgun Guild Forum Announcements / Emails announcing Giveaway
« on: February 15, 2018, 08:24:13 PM »
My humble apologies if folks are getting more than one email from us announcing the Benjamin Fortitude Giveaway or Give-Air-Way.

The server has frozen up on me twice now, and sent me double emails. Going to Plan B and use a dedicated emailer.


Contests, Give aways and more. / Airgun Guild Giveaway and Contest Rules
« on: February 14, 2018, 11:52:02 AM »
The entry rules for Air Gun Guild’s on-line contests

Members residing in areas where shipping an airgun is contrary to local laws, will be responsible for handling and/or additional shipping fees to an authorized agent.

You must be 18 years or older, as an adult signature all be required upon delivery; no exceptions!

You must be a member is good standing, and have a minimum of 25 legitimate posts.

Moderators and/or management members of the Air Gun Guild are ineligible.

We request that a donation be made to Air Gun Guild.

Entries will be based on the MSRP of the items being auctioned. Ancillary equipment (pellets, scopes, mounts, etc.) will not be included, but may be shown in the published total.

Answers should be in dollars and cents; $XX.xx. In other words, from a zero amount up to and including the MSRP.

Only one guess per member, and editing of the guess will not be allowed.

If a duplicate guess is made, the one with the earliest posting date will be used.

To select the winner, a Google-supported, random generator will be used to select the winner.

The winner will be posted (screen name and/or real name if known). Winner has seven days to respond. After that another random selection will be made.

Entry Rules subject to change between now and the beginning of any Contests or Giveaways. 

Contests, Give aways and more. / Benjamin Fortitude Contest / Giveaway!
« on: February 13, 2018, 11:34:49 AM »
The AirGun Guild a Benjamin Fortitude Contest / Giveaway!

About the Benjamin Fortitude  PCP Air Rifle
Precharged Pneumatic
10 round rotary magazine
Ambidextrous synthetic stock
Regulated 3000 PSI cylinder
On board pressure gauge
11mm Dovetail mount
Fully Regulated
Single-Stage trigger
Fully-shrouded barrel
Male Quick Disconnect fill fitting
Includes sling mounts

Caliber:   0.22" (5.5mm)
Max Velocity: 800 fps
Loudness:   2-Low-Medium
Barrel Length:   23.31"
Overall Length:   42.6"
Shot Capacity:   10
Barrel:   Rifled
Front Sight:   none
Rear Sight:   none
Scopeable:   11mm dovetail
Trigger:   Single-stage
Buttplate:   Rubber
Suggested for:   Small game hunting/plinking
Action:   Bolt-action
Safety:   Manual
Powerplant:   Pre-charged pneumatic
Function:   Repeater
Max Shots per Fill:   70
Body Type:   Rifle
Fixed/adj. power:   Fixed
Weight:   5.3 lbs
Cylinder Size:   135 cc
Shrouded:   Yes

Additional Items in the Benjamin Fortitude Air Rifle Giveaway:

4 tins of 16.13 grain JBS pellets. (.22 cal)
4 tins of PolyMags. (.22 cal)
1 partly used tin of RWS domes. (.22 cal)
3x9x32 UTG scope with front AO with rings.
6 new, and 1 used magazines. (.22 cal)

MSRP is $570.00 Guesses must be between $0 and $570.00 Closest wins.

Airgun Ammo / Cast some .45 and .58 airgun ammo today
« on: February 11, 2018, 05:08:42 PM »
Cast a bunch of .45 (.457) and .58 (.575) for the 909s and the two DAQs.

Had the best luck with the Accurate mold for 2 x .58 and 1x . 45. These are similar to the EPP UG.

Cast some hollow point .45 using a Noe 4 x .45 mold. Had a bunch of wonky bullets, but that may have been because the temperature outside where I was casting got a bit chilly.

Also cast some .58 Minie Bullets using a Lyman mold. Never did get a great bullet out out of that. It has a hollow base so we’ll see if either DAQ likes them.

Cast a few .58 round balls to get warmed up. I now realize why folks pay for the quality of an Accurate or Noe mold. The Lee round ball mold is light weight compared.

I’m short two handles! Pain to change them out in the middle of casting, so I reckon I’ll be looking for a couple.

Overall I think the casting was a success and I had fun.

Airgun Hunting / Monster Rattus Rattus
« on: February 07, 2018, 12:55:04 PM »
It's a Monster Rattus Rattus I spied on the Arlo videos this morning.  It was busy a good portion of the night pigging out on free peanut butter.

Maybe I'll get a chance to take a shot tonight.

Airgun Guild Forum Announcements / Responding to Private Messages or PMs
« on: February 07, 2018, 08:52:41 AM »
This is just a reminder that if you get an email alert that you have a new PM or private message, and should you respond to that email, then admins will be the recipient. Imagine the embarrassment should someone respond to one of these emails, and they are saying something nasty about someone else, like the admin!  ::) Yep. Uh huh.

Airgun Hunting / Rattus Rattus Bonk-in-the-body-us
« on: February 06, 2018, 09:26:38 AM »
Finally a visitor. Rattus Rattus Bonkus in the Bodyus.

I did not retrieve the body. I know I hit it because of the rat's reaction, and by the fur covered pellet hole on the backdrop. So many dead cottonwood tree leaves that are the exact same coloring as the Rattus Rattus makes it really hard at 3:30am to find the varmint. I heard the thrashing around death dance so I'm sure I succeeded.  Skunk came by a few minutes later, and perhaps it made off with the rat.

The movie view is much, much better than what I see in the scope. I saw a mostly white outline, and thus took a body shot.

I'm starting to love this ATN X-Sight infrared sight. I'm learning the idiosyncrasies of the x-sight, as I go along. Because my outfit is heavier than I'm used to, I think I need to adjust my sniping position so I can be more comfortable, and quiet. I have been shooting standing up using a photo tripod. This weekend I added a chair, and lowered the tripod. It's less than optimal, as when I first sneak out the back door, I can't see squat, and end up tripping on something or having to move the chair and making a scraping sound. The rats hear every bloody thing I do for sure. I swear they can hear me breathing 25 yards away. But perhaps that's just my paranoia.

I've started taking video, and still shots as I'm shooting, and I have to say I love the images. I'm an old school photographer from way back when. Probably spent a third of my life in the black and white and color darkrooms printing small images up to 6' x 12' murals. But one love from my early days was with 35mm infrared images. I shot with a #87 IR filter which is visually opaque, and ended up with super dreamy images, as only IR light was recorded and the visible spectrum completely filtered out. I even shot some 4x5 infrared film at night using a 400 watt second Lumendyne strobe outfitted with a #87 filter over the light. I could shoot in complete dark and no one knew I was using a strobe to light up an area. Great stuff. The X-sight takes me back.

Anyway, this ATN X-Sight ll HD is growing on me. I think I'm smitten.

Alternative View:

Airgun Meets and Shows / Airgun Stuff Announced at the Shot Show 2018!
« on: February 04, 2018, 07:47:36 PM »
While we wait for MonkeyDad to report back, I thought we could start a thread on all the new cool airgun stuff coming from the 2018 Shot

A Double Barreled Airgun Shotgun by Seneca (Sam Yang)

Yesterday I got in a bit of quality time with both my .25 Sumatra Carbine and .25 Gen 1 Marauder rifle. The goal was to blow off steam and to make very sure both rifles were sighted in and I could repeatedly put a pellet in a spot the size of a rat or mouse head at any of the rat feed stations. My immediate concern is sighting in the ATN X-Sight ll 5-20 HD. Spring is here, and I anticipate much more rodent activity and rat killing during the night.

I put one shredded rubber filled 5 gallon bucket at 25 yards up the hill of the backyard, and one at about 35 yards. Both buckets get a 5.5” orange peel and stick target stuck to the lid, stapled in place.

Shooting straight up the hill the 35 yard target is about on a 15 degree slope from the ATN’s point of view. (The ATN X-Sight ll measures angle of the sight). The 25 yard target is at about 13 degrees. It’s all approximate since I measured the angles while standing with no support.

So I’m shooting up. All my feed stations are up on the hill and I have only one 10 meter target on a flat level with me sitting or standing. Normally I shoot from a corner and though I’m stilll shooting up the angle is less pronounced from 9-13 degrees depending on the feed station.

I began my shooting from the central flatlands area of the yard in the cove between two wings of the house. Aim was at the 35 yard target. I fiddled around quite a bit with the ATN figuring out myriad features . I’m starting to get used to this thing. Starting, being the key word.

Daylight shooting with the X-sight is way easier than nighttime. In the ATN you are looking at a transmitted light source as opposed to a reflected light source you get with the compound lens of a normal telescopic rifle scope.

At night, for the ATN it’s really the same as staring at an LCD TV, in the dark. That to me is the most significant difference.

Daytime viewing is easier because brightness of the x-sight’s LCD, is much closer to the brightness of the ambient daylight of the sun. Looking in the ATN, and then looking away, your eyes have little brightness differences to adjust to.

Likewise, the color of the X-sight transmitted light is probably more comparable to daylight in the middle of the day. Perhaps 5,000 to 5,500 degrees kelvin. I’m guessing because I can’t seem to find that specification on ATN’s website.

At night, as I drag my carcass out bed, and from my dark bedroom,  outside to shoot a rat, my pupils are wide open.

Turn on the ATN X-Sight and at first it’s a wash of light that completely makes my vision go out of whack. My right eye’s pupil contracts, and the left one is completely dilated. If I look away from the x-sight I can’t see squat unless I close the right eye.

Of course the light coming from the x-sight is not a neutral color,  at least in my perception, in this particular situation. And now one eye is used to the ambient light of the yard whether it be the moon light, scattered light from the neighbor’s mix of incandescent and cold LED spot lights, or red LEDs lighting up the rat feed stations. This adds another complexity for my eyes to adjust.

Here’s an experiment. Find that set of cardboard framed 3d movie glasses you have in a drawer some where. You know the ones that have one blue lens and one red lens. Put them on for ten minutes or so. Remove them. Now cover up one eye. What is your observation? Now cover up the other eye. Which eye looked through the red lens? Which eye looked through the blue lens? What???

I get both rifles and their sights dialed in for the sharp angles of shooting up the center of the hill. Then I head to my regular rat killing and sniping corner and I’m off by a click on the BSA Side Focus sight, and about the same equivalent on the ATN X-Sight ll HD 5x20.

I shoot at the two lower targets and spend a while with the higher, top of the hill feed station. They are both very close to one another in dialing in, no doubt to the flat trajectory of both rifles.

Next morning I look at the Arlo security camera videos and I see zero rodent activity. I see the Skunks and Possums roaming on their nightly destinations, but that’s it.

So I ponder the situation. The rat killing stations got extra peanut butter. But nothing else has changed. Oh wait. I did not have the red LEDs on last night, only the IR flood I use was on. I’ve done this before an observed more activity with the red lights off. Hmmm.


I shot at the feed stations for a good hour, and one of them has a sheet of 1/8” UHMW plastic as a backdrop. It’s LOUD. I suspect it was the pellet noise that announced to the rats that the grim reaper was present. I’m there, rats aren’t because rats are pretty smart. They know that sound usually means a rat dies.

As I’m sitting here in the backyard soaking in this perfect springtime sun and cool breeze and contemplating this lack of Rattus Rattus , I look up at the cottonwood tree that host two of my rat feeding stations. I realize the trees are still bare of their fluttery leaves and no doubt this limits the rat activity in this tree and on these feeding stations. The rats have little cover and this makes them nervous in a yard that is frequented by Great Horned and Barn - Owls and me the Grim Reaper.

General Airgun Forum Discussion / Airgun Ballistic Coefficient
« on: February 03, 2018, 03:25:40 PM »
Messing around with scope, I looked for ballistic coefficient numbers for different
Pellets and found this very useful page.

Yep, it’s spring!

Airgun Hunting / Rattus Rattus Returnus
« on: February 01, 2018, 07:12:39 AM »
No, I did not take a shot. But this one was busy all night putting on those extra peanut butter pounds. I’m totally into fattening up this piggy for the slaughter. :)

I figure the longer I can go before shooting this one the greater the chance others will become brave and venture forth to the killing tree. This one has a skittish pattern. Zooms in gets a mouthful then retreats up a branch and eats and grooms. My current vantage point does not allow me to get a clear shot on both the station and the branch. My view of the branch is blocked by a wooden structure. So it’s time to find a new place to snipe from. Sumatra is back in the game with night vision and I’ll be able to see the rat on that branch in complete darkness.

Also contemplating an addition or two of a dark box that gives rats a “safe” place to squat and gobble their peanut butter. It’ll be dark and cozy and have easy egress. But I see in the dark now!

Oh it’s gonna be a nice spring and summer for rat dispatching me thinks.

Airgun Guild Forum Announcements / Forum Update Successful
« on: January 27, 2018, 09:23:43 AM »
Backups of files and database successful. Updates successful.

We are updated to the latest forum software!

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