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Airgun Guild Forum Announcements / All you lurkers
« on: Today at 04:33:38 PM »
Hello there all you lurkers. Cat got your tongue?

Come on in, join up, and contribute to the discussion. 

Benefits: you meet a lot of nice folks with a shared interest. You also meet a lot of good folks who really know their way around everything airgun related. Ask your questions! Share your expertise! And coming soon, as a member you'll be able to get some pretty sweet deals on things like a custom Marauder, hand tuned by Travis Whitney. That's some pretty hifalutin stuff.

So, in short, join up, come on in, and sit a spell. Take your shoes off!

Airgun Hunting / Mieces to pieces.
« on: December 01, 2017, 10:19:17 PM »
Have seen one rat in the past two weeks and that was on the surveillance camera video. But I do see mice. This one is at ground level 25yards away. When that .25 JSB hits a mouse, it is lights out.

I have to say this Marauder is accurate. I hit what I point at. It sips air and is pretty quiet even without LDC. Thank you for the tune Travis!

Airgun Hunting / Rat and Mouse Hunting Feed Stations FAQ
« on: November 26, 2017, 11:50:27 AM »
I've been killing off Rats and Mice at a pretty good clip all summer long. Thought I'd share a few things I've learned.

Goals: Eliminate as many  Rats and Mice on my property that I can.

Location: San Francisco Bay Area. We are close to grasslands, and get more than our share of mice, and rats. Our weather is moderate all year round. It never gets really cold, though it does get hot in the summer. This summer was sweltering at times. Lowest temperatures will be in low 30's but it seldom stays cold for long.

Bait: Rodents love Peanut Butter. It is a perfect bait for these varmints whether you use it at a feed station or for a trap. Sun Flower seeds work also, but they attract too many birds during the day. I have taken the lid or bottom of pellet tins, and screwed them on the shelf, and filled with peanut butter. But that uses too much, and the rats tend to run in, get peanut butter on their noses and dart out. Hard to shoot. But if you smear a thin layer of peanut butter on a rough textured fence board, they tend to stick around and use their teeth to scrape the peanut butter out of the grooves and rough areas.

Feed Station: I have built a bunch of feed stations, and some work better than others.  They are all wood, and made from scraps I have laying around. Old fence boards are my favorite, as they look and smell pretty natural to the critters I think.  The simplest feed station is just a shelf I screw to a tree at about 4-6' off the ground.  Other more complex designs include a substantial rubber mulch filled box made from 2x4's that weighs almost 75lbs. Other designs use a simple wooden box filled with clay like duct seal.

Feed Station Location: My best results have been from the simple shelf screwed to a cotton wood tree about 5' off the ground. I am currently experimenting with feed stations directly on the ground, and they work fine for mice.  All stations border with good cover for the rodents. The trees have foliage right up to the station, and the ground stations are close to a lot of English Ivy. I think the rodents do better with plenty of cover.

Lighting: All of my feed stations now have battery powered LED lights I purchased from Amazon. They use rechargeable AAA batteries that I work hard. This has been an well worth investment, both for the lights, the batteries and chargers.  I drill holes through the backs of the lights and hang them above each feed station from 12-18" above the peanut butter location. These LED lights are remote controlled, though the range is only a few feet.  I also have a plugin LED flood light that lights a large area, and helps me detect other varmints such as raccoons, possums, and skunks.

Varmints: I have had fits with skunks and possums eating up my peanut butter, and chasing away the rats. When the possum is around the rats vanish. I don't want to shoot either the skunks or possums since I think they are beneficial. Both tend to carry away the dead rats and mice, and for that I am grateful. But I've had to experiment with a variety of techniques to keep the critters at bay.

Skunks: Skunks don't climb very well, and if you raise your stations off the ground, the peanut butter generally gets a pass. I have strewn around blackberry branches, and installed bristly wire fencing around my stations, and this also helps.

Possums: Have a young possum grow up before my eyes over the summer, and it has been a total pain in the neck. I've wrapped blackberry branches around the feed stations and the trees the stations are screwed to. Have installed galvanized fencing with individual wires cut and bent so as to cause pain. Have made the feed station shelf so it is spring hinged so as to not supply sure footing for the possum. Added carpet nail strips all over the place. All of these help but do not completely hinder the possum. I may just have to give in, and find a recipe for possum. Sigh.

Distance: I have stations at 25 and 35 yards away, up on the slope of my backyard. It's pretty steep, and I think adds to the difficulty in shooting. If they were on flat ground it would be and easier situation.

Shooting Setup: I shoot from the corner of my house, and am mostly hidden. A camera tripod is setup with a rice filled bag to help with support. I shoot standing up. Early on I sat on a saw horse, and shot from the tripod, but I kicked the sawhorse by accident too many times, so I scrapped it.

Rifles: I started out using my .25 Sumatra Carbine, and at one point used a QB78 in .22. Now I am using a tuned by Travis Whitney .25 Gen 1 Marauder.

Scopes: Started with a Leapers 3x12 scope. Switched to a SWFA 10x, but am now using a 4 x 16 BSA. (more details to come).

Rattus Rattus: is the black rat, also know as the ship rat, roof rat, house rat is an introduced species to California. It prefers living in buildings, the ground, trees etc. It is an omnivore.  It is a carrier of several pathogens including the Bubonic Plague via the rat flea. You do not want these varmints in your living space. I am convinced I need to remain vigilant and kill them as often as I can.
First Installment - more to come, pictures and other findings.

General Airgun Forum Discussion / Happy Thanksgiving!
« on: November 23, 2017, 06:31:13 AM »
Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Airgun Hunting / Hello Micey My Old Friend
« on: November 03, 2017, 07:26:05 AM »
Hello Micey My Old Friend

Rats come out when I’m sleeping or trying to sleep, but the mieces and mices come out early evening and right at day break.

This morning I look at Arlo and see one of my old friends munching on the Rodent Elixer, peanut butter. I grab the Travis tuned Marauder and head out the back door trying to be quiet as... well...  a mouse.  8)

I set the Mrod on the tripod and damn, I can barely make out the feed station, much less a mouse. But I calm down and concentrate and I can just make out the mouse outline. I squeeze the trigger and yup the JSB pellet makes more sound impacting the mouse and back drop than the sound at the rifle. Sweet!

35 yards, top of the hill. .25 Super tuned Mrod, with a BSA scope I’m not sure I like.

Youtube is stripping out frames. Bah. Here's the original video after Arlo compressed the heck out of it. And a few images.


I Told You Son, That Peanut Butter Ghost Pepper Was Gonna Kill Yah!

25 yards main feed station with the new to me freshly tuned Travis Super Marauder! Rats have been elusive but the shift back to cooler weather at night brought them out. The other feed station had another fatty just minutes before this one, so I know i might get another chance tonight.

First Blood Mrod!

Travis tuned this for efficiency, number of shots per fill up and quietness. I’m a happy man.

Airgun Hunting / Rattus Rattus Resistus
« on: October 21, 2017, 10:08:27 AM »
Rattus Rattus Resistus, but in the end did not help his situation.

35 Yards at top of hill feeder.  He was skittish but settled down for a few seconds,  just in time to grab the Sumatra .25 Carbine with SWFA 10x Scope, slip out the back door, and cradle on my now ancient photography tripod. Desperately struggled to focus my crusty eyes but finally found the sweet spot, cheek on stock, cross hairs on the main mass of the Rattus Rattus. Squeezed that pretty horrible trigger and beaned the Rattus. There was a mighty whack, the Rattus screamed as it hit the backdrop and gave a mighty leap. I heard thrashing and silence.

Went to retrieve Rattus but could not for the life of me find it. This was the second one I could not find in two nights. Dingdangdurnit!

Went out this morning to gather my lights so I could put the batteries on charge. And then I spotted Rattus. He made it through the fence and five feet away. 24 grain JSB hit the shoulder and exited close to spine. Ouch.

Up next: Just got my new to me .25 Marauder back from Travis ( It got a super tune for a nice long string, with an additional goal of keeping it quiet. This is to be my new rat gun, as wonderful as the Sumatra is, that hammer smack going off at 2am is Loud No Matter the pellet or power setting. I’m excited !

Airgun Hunting / Bonk the Rat
« on: October 18, 2017, 10:27:18 AM »
It's been days since I got a shot at a Rattus Rattus. Possum and Skunk have been eating the bait! $&@%#!

Wind is hooting but i got the shot!

2:21 am. Spine shot. Lights out! X’s on it’s eyes.

25 yards main feeding station. .25 Sumatra with the lighter 25.4 grain JSBs.

Clean up Crew

Airgun Hunting / They are messing with me...
« on: October 10, 2017, 07:53:11 PM »

Chrome Fix for Broken PhotoBucket Images

Use Chrome and this extension:

It brings back many of the missing images.

Airgun Hunting / Silly Squirrel
« on: October 09, 2017, 09:59:20 AM »
Silly Squirrel. Doesn't quite know where he is, does he?

Funny, I shot an 8 shot string into the target 5 or 6' directly below him, and he just sat there eating.  Don't care about shooting the squirrels, so he gets a free pass. The Rats and Mice, nope.

Buyer and Seller Feedback / Joe Shooter is a great seller
« on: October 06, 2017, 12:12:38 PM »
Joe Shooter aka Joe Scott is a great seller.

Got a new to me Marauder .25 and it's as pristine as Joe said it would be.  He packed it up fast and shipped fast, and I'm a happy camper.

PCP, C02, and Helium Powered Airguns / New to Me Gen 1 .25 Marauder
« on: October 06, 2017, 11:59:22 AM »
I decided I just had to try out the 350 Chevy of AirGuns. So I bought a used, and in beautiful shape Gen 1 Marauder .25.  I just got it home after sitting in the office all week. Removing the Action from the Stock made it easier to carry on my motorcycle.

This morning I filled the rifle with air, and loaded up the two magazines that did NOT come with the rifle.  (Shame on me for not asking for every detail in the world. It's bitten me twice so far after a dozen or more used airgun / airgun accessories transactions. Anyway, I ordered the magazines, and I'm now good to go.)

Sighted the rifle in with one of my compact Leapers scopes.  Took one magazine. Refueled the rifle and set up the crony.

Here's my 30 shot string using JSB King Heavy 33.95 grain pellets.

  • 732
  • 731.5
  • 734.0
  • 736.4
  • 734.2
  • 739.1
  • 738.6
  • 747.2
  • 745.1
  • 738.7
  • 736.4
  • 729.4
  • 728.6
  • 727.8
  • 716.8
  • 720.2
  • 717.10
  • 712.0
  • 700.4
  • 690.4
  • 690.2
  • 680.0
  • 668.2
  • 666.2
  • 667.8
  • 646.8
  • 631.7
  • 626.9
  • 603.4
  • 591.6

Average FPS: 701
Min FPS: 591.6
Max FPS: 747.2
Average FPE: 37.05

I did not monkey with any adjustments on the rifle.  Does this sound reasonable for a stock Marauder?

It is decidedly not nearly as quiet as Steelhead's Armada.  I see the baffles on the Gun 2 rifles are different. Think I need that set up.

The ping is rather pingy, isn't it? I want this thing to be way quieter.

Trigger is light years better than the triggers on my two Korean rifles, and the Big DAQ .58 Rifle.

I like the balance and heft of the rifle, though it does seem huge compared to my Sumatra. The floating barrel is new to me. Imm-a-skeered I'll tweak it just moving it around in the cabinet.

Up Next: Separate Action and Stock and send the Action to Travis for his Magic! Can't wait.

General Airgun Forum Discussion / Transporting AirGun on Motorcycle
« on: October 03, 2017, 09:59:32 AM »
I bought a new to me Marauder .25, and had it shipped to work. Tried to time it where I'd drive my truck in, and throw the box in the camper shell. Well, USPS totally screwed with me on the delivery and tried to deliver over the weekend. I got it yesterday, only I rode my motorcycle in as I do most days.

This morning, I thought I'd strap on a two rifle pack I have, and ride in, and put the Marauder in it for the ride home tonight. I got it on, sat on the bike, and thought about this Military Looking thing, and considering what just happened in Vegas, I took it off. Decided I'll just drive the truck on Friday when traffic is a little lighter, and haul the rifle home.

Anyone here ever carry a long rifle, airgun or firearm on a motorcycle?  Am I just being paranoid or practical?

Airgun Hunting / Next Time I Might Need the DAQ or the 909s
« on: September 25, 2017, 08:52:50 PM »
It stood its ground and I swear made an indecent gesture. I couldn't take that laying down or standing up for that matter. I hollered put up your dukes and get your fanny jujutsued. It laughed and I got nervous and fetched the Sumatra.

It's now got a permanent funny look on its face. That'll teach'em!

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