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Airgun Classifieds / Foster - Probe Adapter
« on: December 07, 2017, 10:35:31 AM »
This was the first foster probe adapter I made for my old Cricket.  Its made of 416 Stainless.  Its not perfect.  Its a hair too long.  That means if you push it in firmly all the way the o-ring is to close to the other side and it will not fill.  Just stop a little short of all the way and it fills fine.  I used as it is for months until I misplaced it.  Then I made another one that I passed along with the gun when I sold it.  The other day I found this one on my design desk. 

I don't know if the Cricket probe is the same as any other probe or not.  Sorry.  The Cricket is the only gun I have owned that didn't have the Foster style quick connect. 

Make an offer if you think you can use it. There is a guy selling adapters on Ebay made out of brass if you prefer.  Your offer must be more than shipping in a priority mail envelope.  I am not going to pay you to take it.  LOL. 

If you ask me to pack it some other way in some other packaging your offer is automatically rejected.  I have priority mail envelopes handy in the shop and its easy to ship that way for me. 

First image is of the probe.  The other image is just for fun.  You do not get a crankbait mold with the probe.  LOL. 

Sold Items / Cricket .25 $1190
« on: June 05, 2017, 09:52:44 AM »
Seriously thinking about selling my .25 Cricket. $1190 shipped in the CONUS. Its dusty (my shop is dusty), but there is nothing wrong with it. I really enjoy shooting it, but I could use some short term cash. Its pretty darn accurate. I can shoot a penny size group at 50 yards. Well not every time, but that's me. Not the gun.

I won't knowingly ship to a restricted state or region.

Payment by Paypal for goods. I will send a PayPal invoice.

Comes with enough spare magazines to fill the magazine holder in the stock.

The Garage / Chamber Lead In
« on: November 24, 2016, 07:31:31 AM »
I am curious if any experiments have been done with chamber shape and lead in to optimize performance.  Lots of barrel liners are available that I think would make great barrels for home built air guns, but they all assume you will be using a chamber reamer for the powder caliber you are using.  With an airgun that is not usually the case.  (pun intended) 

Do you size it so the pellet already engages the rifling when seated in the chamber?  Just short?  Barely touching?  With a smooth lead to start building speed before it engages? 

Is it going to need to be different for pellets and bullets? 

Could this be in part why some pellets perform better than others in a particular gun?  Even when power is adjusted to get them in their "ideal" speed range. 

Then there is the transition itself.  I don't think the low velocity and pellet hardness isn't going to cause throat erosion like it does with a powder burner.  I would think a sharper start will cause lead chips (cutting the projectile to fit the rifling) while a more tapered start will be more likely to cause the pellet or bullet to deform to match the rifling.  Should the rifling taper into its full form or should it be a fairly sharp start? 

The Garage / HF Air Dryer - Is it a SCAM? - HOW?
« on: September 26, 2016, 03:49:55 PM »
Since I now have three CNC mills with air seal spindles and one with an air operated automatic oiler I figured I better pay some mind to making sure I am feeding dry air to the shop air distribution lines.  I bought an inexpensive air dryer off of Ebay recently.  Well a few weeks ago.  Its billed as NIB.  A refrigeration style Harbor Freight model.  The price was right anyway.  Figured if it turned out to be a turd atleast it didn't cost me much.  If I put a filter separator right after the drier I'll know if it works or not. 

After quite longer than I expected I hadn't seen it arrive so I sent the seller a message asking if it had shipped yet.  They told me to wait the full time listed in their advertisement.  (15 days)  A couple days later three of them showed up at my shop.  The return address is Harbor Freight in Chicago.

Not being to much of an opportunist I sent them a message asking if it was their intent to send me three of them.  I never heard back from them, but a couple days later a fourth one showed up at my shop.

Of course I sent them another message asking if it was their intent to send me three.... er I mean now four of them.  I still haven't heard back from them.

Other than being a Harbor Freight product is it a scam?  How?  I bought through Ebay using PayPal so they don't have access to my credit card info.  The listing is for one item at about the highest discount level HF offers. I let them know they over shipped.  I guess if they don't claim their air dryers back I'll have three of them to sell in a month or so.  LOL.

Actually if the one I hook up works I had planned to buy a second one as a backup, so only two.

Ask Bob / Multi Pump Pneumatics
« on: August 14, 2016, 07:03:00 PM »
So, what is the reservoir pressure in something like a 392 with 8 pumps in it? 

General Airgun Forum Discussion / Olympic Airgun - Streaming NBC.COM
« on: August 07, 2016, 08:09:14 AM »
After winning the first gold medal of the Rio Games, Ginny Thrasher sat down with Dan Patrick to talk about what winning gold means to her and what's next.  Several Clips part way down the page.

7 Minutes Go:
Mengxue Zhang of China takes home the first gold medal of the shooting events for China.

Airgun Forum Feedback, Suggestions and Help / Thank You
« on: July 21, 2016, 08:34:47 AM »
Some of what I have learned here (and on other airgun forums) about plastics helped me to help a customer yesterday.  What I learned here was part of it, and the areas I researched afterwards based on curiosity about what I learned allowed me to make a couple product development suggestions that they will probably atleast look into.  While it wasn't necessarily directly part of what they were asking me to do (cut parts from carbon kevlar sheet) it certainly helped me look good with the customer.  Thank You. 

Ages ago I used to tell the technicians that worked for me (as a contractor) that all knowledge was useful.  A couple decades later and I really have no qualifications for that.  All knowledge is still useful.

Starting point exactly 3000 PSI according to the oil filled gage on my Tiger Shark tank.
Pellet used for all testing.  JSB Exact King average weight 25.39 grains. 

I already had my .25 MROD tuned to a pretty satisfactory tune.  894-904-890  for 24 shots with most in the 899-904 range.  Just a couple at the top and bottom falling away.  I've held that tune for a long time with string after string being right there.  I figured it would be a good test gun for the SSG.  This is the one that is all encompassed in the hammer and does not stick out of the gun. 

The first thing I want to say is so far this can not be an apples to apples comparison.  The power was less with the SSG.  It shot 861-892-861 for 44 shots.  That's a huge increase in shot count, but its also a drop in power, and if you take what some folks say about efficiency my gun was probably not as efficient at its previous 901 fps average just because it was putting out more power.

I would note that at the high pressure end of the curve the velocity was much more erratic than before with swings back and forth of 10-13 FPS.  That lasted until the gun climbed up above about 879-880.  From there up and back down the shot to shot speed was pretty good with only a couple FPS change for the most part.  There were a couple outliers on the curve on the downward side as well, but none of the back and forth swings I saw on the upward side of the curve. 

Now what I need to do is figure out how to get the gun tuned back up to the same power so I can really compare. 

It feels like its a lot more efficient, and I suspect that somebody who likes to work the math like Bob Sterne could prove it easily, but I want an apples to apples comparison before I'll say I really think its worth it. 

If anybody wants to give me any tuning pointers here is what I did.  I dropped the hammer assembly in the gun and set the breech plug on it.  It would have taken quite a lot of force to get the plug in.  I shortened up the spring on the hammer until the plug fell in.  Then holding the plug in firmly I shook the gun back and forth.  Then I shortened the spring another 1/8 turn and repeated until I could tell the hammer assembly was just barely loose between the preload adjuster and the hammer tappet pin.  Guessing by the changes I suspect I've got about .01" of free space between the hammer and the valve pin.  Maybe a hair less. 

Now what I think I need to do to increase power is screw in the preload adjuster at the back of the gun, and shorten the hammer spring adjustment some more to maintain my gap.  My goal is a starting velocity at or above 890 and a peak of around 905 like I had before upto maybe 910 max.  At that power adjustment I'll be able to truly tell if the SSG is more efficient for my setup. 

FYI:  This particular gun really likes JSB Exact Kings  from above 880 to 910.  Below that speed I don't think its as accurate, and I have not tested faster.   All of my test are from a 3000 PSI fill according to the gage on my Tiger Shark Tank.  Slow filled.  Closed and allowed to settle and then slowly peaked to exactly 3000 PSI. 

I can never remember where I left the stupid fill probe. Even when I specifically remember putting it back in a little plastic bag and putting it somewhere that I wouldn't forget where it was.

Ask Bob / What is a Balanced Valve
« on: June 27, 2016, 07:55:20 AM »
What is a balanced valve? 

Why does it take less hammer energy? 

What's the basic principle? 

The Garage / Wow!
« on: June 26, 2016, 05:56:08 PM »
Well, it took the whole afternoon, but we got it off the pallet and wired up.  Check the oil levels, learned what the levers and knobs do, and made a test cut. 


I have no idea how this Chinese PM1440 lathe compares to a big name lathe, but I may never even power up one of my small Harbor Freight lathes again. 

It will be a while before it makes any airgun parts though.  Its got to learn how to make plastisol injectors efficiently first. 

PCP, C02, and Helium Powered Airguns / My 2nd B50 Tear Down
« on: May 28, 2016, 03:36:04 PM »
Thanks to a guild member who sold me the gun and a plastic bag-o-parts cheap I am starting on the tune for my second B-50. 

I was afraid the air tube might be rough.  It actually looks pretty good in front of the valve.  Shiny smooth actually.  Just dirty (to be expected) in the hammer striker area.

Somebody tore this gun down once before.  Instead of a plastic tappet with a brass ring for the tappet spring to ride on its got a brass tappet with a plastic ring to seal the valve.  The stock tappet was included in the bag-o-parts.  I'll probably turn that down to match the tappet in my other gun, and save the brass one for a future project. 

It also came with two spare hammer springs.  None of which (including the one that was in the gun) fall into the spring retainer on the back of the gun.  They have to be forced.  Not sure if I'll turn the block out so they fit better, check my meager stock of springs, or visit the McMaster spring area of their website again.  Time to go back in the shop and use my spring gage tool (courtesy of education by Bob Sterne) to see what the force of these springs is. 

PCP, C02, and Helium Powered Airguns / Xisico 702 PCP Prototype
« on: May 09, 2016, 11:59:12 AM »
I just ordered one.  I really don't need another .177 gun, but I really like the look of it.  Yes, Travis.  I am an air gun addict.  I have already read that some don't care for the look of it, and that's ok too.  Appearance is always in the eye of the beholder.  Now to see how fast Mike gets it to me, and to do the initial impressions of the gun.  I might even do one of those horrible "unboxing" videos where I open it up on camera and say "oooh... aaaaah", but don't actually tell you anything.  LOL. 

Here is what I hope. 

I hope they copied the B-50 valve with some minor improvements. Its got lots of potential.
I hope it has a decent trigger.  ( I don't have a trigger scale, but I know what I like.)
I hope the wood looks ok, but I'm not expecting fine grade furniture for the price. 
I hope the pistol grip feels as good as it looks in the one promo picture they show. 
I half hope its a power house waiting to be unleashed, and I half hope its pretuned with a bell curve. 
I hope the stock barrel is a tack driver.  If its just a quarter thumper well I won't hate it. 
I hope that shroud looking thing has baffles inside.

ADDED May/10/16
I hope it has a foster quick connect for filling.  I really like my Cricket, but I am already tired of worrying about where I left the fill probe. 

I won't tear it down right away, so don't expect to hear about its guts in the first few days after it arrives.  I will tear it down eventually. 

Not my only hobby either.  I love to fish, of course driving my boat fast is just part of that.  I used to hit the water 3-4 days a week, and I am trying to get back to atleast 1-2 days a week.  It was pretty all consuming at one time.  I sold off all but one of my motorcycles to buy a bass boat at once.  Still have a pretty quick 20 footer, although its getting kind of old and beat up.  Also a 16' flat bottom for trash water fishing. 

I don't hunt as much as I once did, but dove season and quail season are always fun for a few days, and getting a big flight of ducks coming down on you while you are standing there knee deep in the water sipping your coffee with your shotgun still in the case is as big of a rush as shooting doubles or triples. 

I really like my airgun obsession (since I bought into the PCP madness) as it allows me to shoot in  my backyard, and I can safely take collared dove that come in from three directions.  Its also a fun way to manage my gopher problem if honestly nowhere near as effective as trapping them. 

I used to be a motorcycle enthusiast.  For 20 years I was one of those guys you would see riding to run errands on my bike on a 120 degree day or in sub freezing weather.   In college I remember the wind cutting thru my gloves on the freeway so bad I had to stop every ten miles and put my hands inside my jacket to stop them from hurting.  I burned up the engine on one bike trying to make it to a psych final on time.  I hit the freeway and about ten miles from home I ran straight into the teeth of a dust storm.  I debated going home and getting my truck, but decided that the turn around time would cause me to be late.  About 30 miles out the storm got worse.  Run two gears down with the throttle pegged I was just barely hitting 50.  That bike would do 110 normally.  I was late and it cost me a grade on my final.  (The instructor said in advance that he would drop a letter grade for anybody who was late.)  I don't ride everyday anymore.  Only a couple days a month now.  Still can't bring myself to sell my bikes though. 

Some folks might have seen the CNC Molds link in my signature.  That started out as a hobby as well.  My wife bought me a mini lathe for Christmas one year.  Then I bought my own mini CNC mill.  I still have it on a shelf.  That has started to turn into a full time business, and I am winding down my contracting business after 22 years to do more of it.  I've got two CNC mills in the shop doing work every, and I should have two more showing up sometime in the next month along with a new 14x40 lathe.  As a hard corps fisherman it was only natural that I started making worm molds and lead casting molds for jigs and spinner baits.  (Before anybody else asks: No, I am not really comfortable with the precision level to do good quality bullet or pellet molds.)  Fishing tackle molds is really my main area, but I have had requests for other things like plastic air gun parts and molds for adult toys.  I make a lot of my own parts for stuff as well.  If I need a bearing carrier for a project I am more likely to make one than order one.  The other stuff is why if you see my logo N Stuff is wedged in there.  It is nice that two of my hobbies are turning into my source of income.  I hope I am still loving it 20 years from now. 

OFF TOPIC / Think About This
« on: May 04, 2016, 07:58:55 AM »
I live in Arizona.  We get a fair number of people move here from California because Arizona is still a mostly free state.  Some of them then begin trying to make it more like California in many of the same ways that are the reason I don't live there and rarely visit.  If I wanted to live like that I would move there.  Its bad enough that California politics tries to dictate politics and practices to other states in a number of ways.  Even in my opinion goes so far as to try and collect taxes from other states.  "You will be charged a tax on this activity and can not pass the tax on to California residents," is an indirect way to collect a tax that is collected from everybody.  Not just those in California.  Anyway, whether you agree or disagree California is a big state and it not only tries to control its residents to a higher degree than other states, but also tries to control the residents of states who chose not to live there. 

Here on AGG I was amazed and thrilled when I first found the place about how different it was than the other site I not so subtly compare to California politics and "culture."  AGG was relatively free, and said don't bring your problems from there here.  I first saw the influence when somebody said we should start a "gate" for something here.  I protested immediately.  I said something like a place for that sure, but never a "gate."  Then one senior member of that place came here and tried to convince us to do something his way.  Now we seem to be doing it to some degree. 

If that is the way this group chooses to go then fine.  I won't go running away in protest, but I may participate less.  I had actually already stopped participating in at that other place before I was banned.  Really. 

No I don't think we should actively encourage blood and gore videos or post directions on how to build a firearm (CENSORED by AGG), but I don't think we should be the same as that other place either.  These things happen incrementally. 

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