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My pleasure. I've never seen that Hatsan gun and it would be cool to see it banging steel. Weekends are fine; it usually doesn't cut into my fishing time. I hate being on the river on weekends and fighting the crowds.

PM me when you get your rifle and as long as the weather is cooperating we can have a shoot. Do you have an air tank and a filling source?

I have a Hill hand pump and I just got an Air Venturi and will be getting a new tank most likely along with the new rifle.  FYI, a buddy of mine designed some special knock down targets made for big caliber regular high power rifles, I think rates at 2500-5000 FPS designed to be a decent lasting replaceable target so I think I can get at least one but maybe a number of them to try and given that our big bore PCP's are smaller grain and less energy that high power real rifles these targets might last a long time?  I will let you know. I do love to fish but just don't have much time but I am going to try to make some time for shooting a bit this year...

If you don't mind driving to the North Bay, I have a range at my place and you're welcome to stop in and shoot.

Thank you and I would like to take you up on that offer as soon as my new rifle arrives!  It will be great to meet others in the area as thus far I have not found many air gun owners and when I looked online the only groups doing any shoots is a small group and they are only FT, etc. for low power rifles, nothing for PCP which to me is way more exciting both for just plinking and you get the benefit of a rifle able to go hunting with. 

It is good to learn that I am not alone in the Bay Area.  Maybe one weekend when the weather is nice we could try to plan a shooting get together?

Airgun Ammo / Re: Big Bore Ammo Coming from New Casting Machine Soon
« on: January 02, 2018, 08:28:01 PM »
Hey Nick,

I just ordered a sample pack of your new .300 caliber slugs to try out on my soon to be new air rifle...

Hello everyone,

I have an old Falcon FN19 walnut skeleton stock .22 and with work and other hobbies it was in the closet for many years.  I just had it repaired but still do not shoot it much.  My new purchase of a custom Hatsan BT Carnivore .30 caliber with a laminate kind of field target inspired pistol grip adjustable check stock being tuned by B. Walton is what has really got me to slowly get reignited into shooting.  This new rifle is a very long time waiting but was told I would receive it finally in 2-3 weeks?  It will be fitted with a big scope and B.Walton's LCD.  Here is a pic of the stock just before it was sent back to Baxter to do his tuning, etc.

For me I just want to shoot targets for fun but improve my skills so that one day I might bag our Thanksgiving turkey with the new big bore Hatsan .30 cal? 

I noticed there have been some recent Norcal guys so I would love to get to know others as we are in a state that is very anti-gun in general and thus far it seems that being a big bore air rifle owner is even more obscure here in Norcal?

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