Author Topic: Tale of Two BRods  (Read 14951 times)


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Re: Tale of Two BRods
« Reply #135 on: March 25, 2018, 09:54:23 AM »
Now that I have proved it can be done.... some enterprising guy (like Lloyd did with his .30 cal conversion) could make new wheels, fit them with the appropriate spring, remachine the housing and cover plate (or make a new cover plate) and supply a .35 cal conversion mag. for the MRods.... It won't take a very long bullet, but I think will cover all the weights necessary for a modified MRod.... It will accept the JSB pellets, the EPP-UG, or my 109 gr. BBT, and likely a few others.... If a new cover plate was made with a groove machined in it, and/or the groove in the front of the housing widened, slightly longer bullets could be accommodated....

Certainly it would serve the purpose of having a .35 cal MRod repeater.... It would be a good idea to upgrade the bolt locking lug to stand the much increased force on the bolt from the larger bore.... but that can be done by going to a 10-32 from the stock 8-32....

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