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Author Topic: Bottled Mrod kits *Pricing added* Buyers list order! Deadline is January 16 2017  (Read 7312 times)


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Hi All,
           Dave has been a great help and above and beyond in helping me with some parts in addition to the Bottle kits.  Great guy.  Friendly...

Michael :- )
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Chris and Monkeydad1969 thanks for helping me, I emailed Dave at R. Arms Innovations and I got the parts I wanted on the way. Once I get all the parts I want I will try to share some pics of build. Thanks again.
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You're welcome and glad I could help......yeah, the build sounds great. Be sure to keep us up to speed with the build.

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Isn't this the best airgun information swapping site on the net? Or what!
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5187alexander...what are you building? :)
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Isn't this the best airgun information swapping site on the net? Or what!
I think so
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