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« on: September 08, 2017, 06:45:40 AM »
Opinions are like noses…. Everybody has one, and all too often they stick them into other’s businesses. I’ll try and not do that here.

Place your mindset back about 60 years or so, even if you’re not that old. Seemingly, every kid on the block had a BB gun, or at least wanted one. If you were really lucky, you had a pellet gun, and were the envy of the neighborhood—at least in your cadre of friends because parents didn’t always agree on the need. But parents did recognize the difference between pellet guns and real ones (.22 rimfires for example), and the need for parental guidance difference on same. Apparently, this mindset is all but gone!

Nowadays, a gun is a gun, and it doesn’t make any difference what powers it! You’re either on one side of the fence or the other, and there is no in-between stance by anybody of conscience. We can blame the political climate we all live in if we choose, but I believe the truth lies elsewhere. Here is an example.

UMAREX, a major supplier of airguns, lists 65 different models of CO2-powered handgun clones on their web site. Most of these are indistinguishable from the real thing. In fact, they’re made so close to reality, that some of them use a cartridge-type loading system! While not as powerful as the real McCoy, few people could tell the difference especially so when one is pointed at them during a robbery. Incidentally, it is this nefarious use, which, in part, caused Canadian authorities to ban their import and sale, and Canada is not alone in their mindset!

Another example is the current rage of using large-caliber, cast bullets (rather than pellets) in airguns designed to effectively use them. This has allowed airguns to become as powerful as some lesser, real firearms! Indeed, some states even allow their use in taking at least deer-size game. Begs the question… Are jacketed bullets next?

Let’s face another fact. It is against the law for a felon to own a firearm. Doesn’t always stop them from doing so, even in face of extended federal sentencing guidelines. But in most cities and states, they don’t need a background check to buy an airgun! We know from FBI records that airgun ownership is an increasing trend among convicted felons. And they’re using them like real firearms during the commission of felonies!

The main point herein is simply this; The mindset among the general public is becoming even more anti-gun, and it doesn’t make much difference what powers the projectile they discharge. Adding insult to injury, the public mindset also has the term silencer burned into their conscience (thanks to Hiram Percy Maxim), no matter our efforts to call them by a more appropriate name. But who is to blame?

Well, I believe Walt Kelly, the artist who penned the comic strip Pogo, said it best… “We have met the enemy and he is us."

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Re: OpEd
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2017, 08:12:51 PM »
I'm not taking responsibility for the rabidly anti gun people out there. Umarex isn't responsible either. Maybe we should start with the public education system, which went from teaching firearms safety and rifle clubs to treating little kids with cap guns like terrorists. Then we could move on to the media, which has been consistently anti gun for decades. As far as gun owners go, let us not forget the Fudds, who do not support 2a. "I gotz muh permitz boss, what you worry?".
While not an air pistol, there have been realistic looking toy guns. This one from the 50's even took fake cartridges! 
/>In addition to air guns kids ran around with cap guns that went "bang" and there was no outcry.
As far as felons go, in some states felons using toy guns or airguns get the same armed robbery charges as they would have for using a firearm. That is how to deal with scum, not by punishing law abiding citizens by treating airguns as firearms, like NYC and NJ does. If you want to kill the sport, that is a great way to do it.
It really isn't the appearance of airguns that is causing the problem. I knew someone who equated the female olympic airgun team to mass shooters, and those ladies were not shooting Umarex replicas. His wife, even MORE anti gun than he is, made him get rid of his bug-a-salt(a toy that kills flies by shooting salt on them) because that too, is a "gun".
Most of the anti gun crowd is not aware of high powered airguns used for hunting, and it's better off to leave it that way. Your average hood would rather buy a HI-Point off the street than spend $100's or $1000's of dollars on a high powered air rifle, so crime committed with those is very unlikely. 
Airgun and(non Fudd)firearm owners are not the enemy, gun grabbers are.


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Re: OpEd
« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2017, 06:03:33 AM »
A+ for the above comment. It's a real shame this poor old world we live in. I took a couple of my "air guns" to my friends place of business, to show him. When I started to take one out of the case, he freaked, and said, "No, don't take that out here" like I have a bag of cocaine, or something. Such a shame to be afraid to be seen with a rifle, "of any kind". We did take the rifle, "in it's case" to the back of his store, and shot it a couple of times. I'm 68, born and raised in Florida, U.S.A. and can remember the good old days when if you had a pick up truck, it just had to have a rifle rack in the rear window, "with" at least one rifle in it. And you really didn't have to worry about somebody stealing it while you were in the store either! Maybe the bad guys figured if you had a rifle in the truck, you might just have a pistol in your pocket! Ahhh, the good old days! :)


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Re: OpEd
« Reply #3 on: November 13, 2017, 07:29:16 AM »
This is an interesting topic, one that has far ranging opinions and ramifications. Being a Californian in living in the Bay Area, it can be hard to reconcile living an outdoorsman lifestyle. Yesterday at the 49er game my buddy and I were viewed as backwoods hillbillies because our tailgate menu was venison backstrap, fresh crab, and wild turkey breast. 100% harvested game.

I'm 48 years old, and when I was in high school we took the hunter's safety course as part of our wildlife/conservation class (elective)  That seems like it was just yesterday and unfortunately that of course does not happen today.

The times are a-changin' in many, many ways.

As a last comment, when did the term 'active shooter' become a normal part of our civilian vernacular? I find that very sad and heartbreaking.
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