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Food For Thought
« on: April 19, 2018, 06:25:16 AM »
Just so we know where I’m coming from…

I am the registered owner of, but the real guy behind the lines is Steveoh. Without his help, this site would be stillborn. All I’ve done was pay the bills. Some of the sting of outlying those funds has been offset by donations. I thank each and every one of you who have. And I thank those who have clicked on the ads herein, as the meager income garnered from them goes directly to Steveoh. But like all of you, I have an opinion, and that is what this forum (Off Topic) is for.

The chase.

My nick name is Apple, which comes from my last name, Applegate. To make things worse, I have (had really) red hair, which has long since turned gray. As one of the first to dive into the world-wide-web, I actually was ask to vacant that logon because Apple Computer wanted it. Hence I just added an “S” to the end.

I recently had my DNA done through, knowing full well I had skeletons in the closet. To cut to the chase, those skeletons came back home to roost. One of those boney creatures—a half sister—refuses to believe we have the same father, but since her sister isn’t related (except via mitochondria DNA), speaks volumes.

All of this set me on a course to find out what was out there about me, good or bad. The recent fiasco with Facebook (I am not, and never have been a member), The Equifax debacle, and two credit card intrusions, just added insult to injury.

I don’t know how many of you know of this dark-web browser: It uses a variety of ways to circumvent (and protect to some degree) where and who the end user is. It also allows access to sites otherwise barred by the powers that be, whomever they are. After a few searches… Oh brother!

When you find several passwords, user logon names, and most of your social security number out there on the dark web, you get a bit panicky! Besides, I found everyplace I have ever lived, and even evidence of an old doctor’s report on my broken ankle from 1958(!). (I should mention, that also has social security numbers listed for deceased persons. That might be okay, but the fed has started to reissue those numbers, which could cause issues in the future.)

Using TOR takes patience as the process of bouncing around take a lot of time, sort of like using a 56k modem. You can’t just type in your name (but that’s a good place to start) to find all of the bad stuff, but once you have a few facts, the rest of the searches sort of fall into place.

What also happens is questionable facts about name sakes. There are at least 3 other living people with the exact same name I have. Their stuff—good and bad—is there too, whether they know it or not! Scary to say the least. But since I already knew of lot about the skeletons in my closet for some time, I wasn’t too surprised at what I found. In fact, I had decided some time ago, that hiding behind pseudonyms was no way to protect myself. I know in hindsight this was the correct decision, because one of my name sakes is less than a stellar fellow! Thankfully, he lives in England, which is a minor saving grace.

The bottom line.

What I’ve said here, should not be construed as a demand to change anything about one’s personal preferences, screen names, or their lifestyle. But, it is a suggestion to find out about what there is out there about you on the dark web. If it is out there, you know you’re not the only one who knows. I suspect it is a common tool (dark web information) that is used by those wishing to steal your identity, or whatever they’re after.

My eyes were open before I started my newly-found background searches. But now, they’re like headlights reflecting in the deer’s eyes! I just hope I can steer clear before I hit the poor deer dear  guy!

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