Author Topic: 1070 yds-Hitting 1 gallon water Jug-Texan-Video  (Read 891 times)

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Re: 1070 yds-Hitting 1 gallon water Jug-Texan-Video
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If you mark the video as Private and post the link for us here you'll avoid the issue with getting strikes. I know its a bs compromise, but......

That WON'T work either.....I marked PRIVATE. video up and had copied link at top in screen, Right clicked video for URL and Right Clicked Vid for URL at this time.........Send to  friends or my iPHONE and ALL say video not available. If i send to self on desktop all links work as logged into YouTube and are of course available to me......So doesn't  work for me anyway.....Plus all 3 links how I did above give a little different URL?

You have 3 choices  for settings. PRIVATE, UNLISTED, PUBLIC. I set to UNLISTED and here is the link......It works but may cause me to be deleted???

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