Author Topic: 1070 yds-Hitting 1 gallon water Jug-Texan-Video  (Read 1346 times)

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Re: 1070 yds-Hitting 1 gallon water Jug-Texan-Video
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If you mark the video as Private and post the link for us here you'll avoid the issue with getting strikes. I know its a bs compromise, but......

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Re: 1070 yds-Hitting 1 gallon water Jug-Texan-Video
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Allow me to give you a suggestion.

It appears you've already discovered kitchen flour to make a large hit detection area as it shows up much better than plain old dirt. This said, if you want to be able to tell when you really hit the bucket(s), make a trip to Hobby Lobby (or on line). Buy some fluorescent tempera paint like that used for finger painting. Fluorescent green works well when used with the flour. A pint bottle is about $3, and will effectively color about 20 gallons of water.

My favorite airgun is a WAR Cobra in .25 caliber. It isn't what one would call a long range airgun. But shooting out to the lake has given me an appreciation of just how far an airgun can shoot. Sort of a safety warning issue if nothing else.

By the way, good shooting.
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