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Casual Observation
« on: March 01, 2016, 02:29:03 PM »
Since about June 1st, 2015, I have purchased a lot of pellet-related hardware from several sources, including on-line sources. Overall the buying experience has been mixed from down-right poor, to fabulous. But through all of this, I've noticed one common thread—the total lack of PROPER ,communications.

Sending money is easy these days via PayPal, although I personally have an issue with them with respect to Internet exposure (nothing to do with the observation). When I have, the source has been rapid to acknowledge the monies have been received. But further correspondence has been seriously lacking. And in some cases, oddly redundant. I'll give you an example, but not the source.

Order placed on-line; Two days later, follow up, but source confused as to what I really ordered; Next day, another call, answering my email asking for the tracking number that I didn't receive; The weekend passes; Finally got the email on Tuesday with tracking number after I had already received the package.

Currently, I have two orders outstanding (≈$2,000+), and after one call and one email each, still no further information coming forthwith!

Now I realize that a lot of airgun-specific sources are folks who have a regular day job, and do tuning, modifying, LDC building, etc., in their spare time. But I don't think that excuses them, any more that it does major retailers, on-line or otherwise, from updating their customers!

I just cannot believe, I am the only one seeing the issue firsthand. Am I?

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