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  1. Cometa Lynx V10 long term review/hunt
  2. Into The Field Hunting movie
  3. My visit to the 2018 West Coast AAFTA/WFTF Trials for field target
  4. Varmint Hunting In Extreme Heat (written pictorial)
  5. Ground Squirrel Hunting (narrated)
  6. Airgun Varmint Hunt
  7. Airgun Hunting, Scouting Safari (Heavy Pictorial)
  8. Springtime Jackrabbit hunt with Marley, Tom and the EVOL's (pics&video)
  9. Ground Squirrel Adventure Hunt (graphic pictorial with video)
  10. Happy Holidays, what a great year.
  11. Wow what a few weeks!!
  12. A message to all
  13. Airgun Guild members
  14. EXTREME Varmint hunting
  15. Short video of some past hunts this year
  16. Coyote hunt with .25 Cricket
  17. First Airgun to take hog from helicopter(video)
  18. What I have been up to along with video.
  19. Yes I'm still alive!! Here is a video I just put out.
  20. Backcountry Airgun Hunt
  21. The Good the Bad and the Ugly
  22. Whats in store for us?