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Calling all pumpers!!!
« on: November 17, 2016, 02:57:05 PM »
So I've noticed a large portion of our members are more geared toward PCP and while I too own 1...just biggest passion in this game has centered around pumpers. I started my AG life years ago with a Daisy 880 and after several years of use and abuse, it got shelved and I wandered away from the hobby until a couple years ago. I started back in with break barrel springers, then moved to nitro pistons and never felt the real joy of shooting with them. After a couple years of shooting again I decided it was time to go back to the fun of pumpers.

I longed for a coveted BlueStreak but couldn't seem to locate one in the price range I was comfortable with and when I did I seemed to not have the spare cash to aquire them. Being frugal and determined I keep a daily search of craigslist, AA site, various phone apps, and just about anywhere else I could think of, I located my first "real" pumper a 2002 built C9A SilverStreak. After a 3 hour round trip I had finally scored a wood and metal clacker. While a great find, it just wasn't the rifle I was truly after...

Months went by and I scored a 347 in less than ideal condition that needed seals but the price was right, then enter my 397PA that also needed seals but again too good to pass up. Both rifles sat as I just didn't feel the love for them. While nice rifles they just weren't Blues

Finally after sleeping through the start of the New Year 2016, I awoke at 3AM and since Noone else was around, I grabbed the iPad and went searching for giggles...low and behold I found one!  After a quick email to the seller, I anxiously awaited a  response...until I crashed again lol. Woke up and immediately checked for a reply and such as the sun rises the seller agreed to my offer and off the payment went. A few days later a 1979 BlueStreak showed up. The stock showed a little water damage but the action looked nearly new.  Being that my brother's birth year is 1979, I immediately decided that it would be passed down to my nephew when he was old enough. This left me searching for another to call "my own".

As luck has it, I found a listing on gunbroker offering a Blue along with a Higgins branded Crosman 180. While I had little interest in the second rifle I did want the Blue and set my highest bid and crossed my fingers. After 3 long days I got the notification that I was the winning bidder...again payment sent and the nervous wait of an expecting father started.  4 days later the box arrived and my bundled baby Blue was finally here. Wouldn't you know it, this one was a 1981 rifle which is my birth year...destiny strikes and I finally had one of my very own (unless I have kids in which case this will too be passed down to my next generation)!!!

Well being me and rarely able to let sleeping dogs lie, I continued to scour the same places I haunt and added the last of my collection...a 1991 C9 Silver with a near perfect action but a stock that showed a life of getting knocked around. I have since refinished that wood and made her the beauty she so deserved to be.

While most people would be more than happy with a collection like this...I'm not as I know there are so many more out there that need rescuing. That desire is put on hold until things settle down for me but bet your last dollar that I will return to my quest lol.

Here's a family photo of my babies....

On a sad note for me but a happy note for my buddy Clifford, I had to put the 02 up for adoption as sometimes happens in life but I was happy to send her off to a loving home as Cliff had told me for some time that he always had an interest in adding a .20 pumper to his collection and I was able to fulfill that desire.

Anyways I wanted to share my story and see how many others find the joy in these awesome rifles the way I do. Hope to hear some other tales of "pumper love"!!!


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Re: Calling all pumpers!!!
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2016, 03:21:33 PM »
I really started with an 880 myself.  Before you were born I think since I bought a Model 1 as my second pumper the summer of 1981.  The first year they came out I am told.  Special ordered it through my Dad's hardware store from Buckeye Sport Supply.  (Same source for the 880) 

But to my 880.  The 880 is supposed to be a smooth bore, but the fine folks at Daisy messed up and put a rifled barrel in mine.  I wish I still had it.  Back then I had no idea how to rebuild a gun when it needed it so I sent it off to Daisy for a rebuild along with a money order.  I was devastated when they didn't return my gun, but instead sent me back a different gun.  I think its the main reason I bought the model 1.  Because I just didn't want to shoot that bastard inferior dopleganger they replaced my beloved gun with.  I still have the bastard replacement somewhere. 

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Re: Calling all pumpers!!!
« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2016, 03:22:02 PM »
I have a Benjamin 397 which I bought as new, albeit a year old manufacturing date. I have put an adapter on the muzzle, and a TKO22 LDC. At 25 yards, over bean bags, 5 shots look like one .25 caliber hole. It is so quiet, my next door neighbor can't hear it, even if she knows I'm shooting it. Fact is, the pumping makes more noise, even though I have it "rubberized".

If nothing else, it is good to keep the upper arms in shape!
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Re: Calling all pumpers!!!
« Reply #3 on: November 17, 2016, 08:33:54 PM »
I recently won a 392PA in a shooting contest. I had to resolder the barrel to the main tube. I'm in the process of making a rear sight mount to attach a spare open sight from a TC Contender barrel I had laying around.
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