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SWFA Takes care of Military VETS!!!!

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I needed a new scope and the swfa 3x15x 42 ss FFP was what the Doctor ordered.....

so on a whim i call them and asked if they give discounts to veterans......    They said they do but would need a copy of my dd214...  i scanned and sent them a copy.... within the hour i got an email with the discounted price.  called em up and ordered it!!! ;D ;D

You are going to love that scope!  It is the best match for an Airgun evermade.  Too bad they only go on sale once a year on black friday. 


 Wish I could afford one :( So nice!!!

was it this one:

normally $700?

can you post or PM the vet discounted price? I may have to send them my dd214....

I think I paid 469 on black friday...  A long wait for a sale LOL.  One of my favorite features of the that scope is the compactness, It is much shorter than an equivalent magnification sidewinder.

The scope above is a Hawke Airmax 30 SF and the SS FFP is mounted on the gun.

I love Hawke scopes  for the value/performance but wish  they would take a cue from the SS ffp.




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