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Looking for a new Scope 8-32

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I'm looking for a new scope that has 8-32 power. I have my Mueller but it is getting hard to see thru at the higher powers. Eye relief has no mercy, you have to be in the right spot. You move a 1/16" in  either direction and you see nothing. So for this is what I have been looking at. Don't want to break the bank but these are in my price range.

Hammers with bubble level.

UTG with etched glass.

32X is a lot of magnification with only a 56mm objective.... You can expect dimming of the image at over about 22X, even on a bright sunny day with young eyes (2.5 mm exit pupil).... and if you are older, you may notice that at over about 19 X (3mm exit pupil)…. On a cloudy day, it will be worse, and at night you will have to lower the magnification all the way, to 8X, to admit the maximum light your eye will except (7mm exit pupil)….

IMO people get all wrapped up in the magnification, and forget that even with excellent glass, it takes a BIG objective lense to deliver a bright image....


Three items; My opinion.

Unless you're into Field Target competition, 32 power is about 3 times more than you need! I recently went from 10 power, to 4 power. My hit to shot ratio doubled!

As Bob mentioned, exit pupil size is of paramount importance, and almost an always overlooked attribute.

I hate internal levels. I have used three scope with them (2 UTGs, and a Hammers). Most of the time, you can't see the level adequately (too dim), or the fluid (Hammers) is too thick (slow to respond). And...

If you use lower power (bigger exit pupil), you can keep both eyes open, allowing you to see a rail-mounted level with your non-dominate eye.

I own both the Mueller and more recently purchased the Hammers in 8-32. Neither are the most superb optic especially once you get past about 24x but for the price, they are certainly not to be shunned. In my opinion, the clarity winner is the Hammers at the higher magnification. But do you really need it? Even on the Barrett .50 Rifle we never used anything more than 15x and guys were taking out targets in Iraq and Afghanistan at 1,000 yards easily. As much as I love being up close and personal, too much magnification can make it nearly impossible to find your target under 75 yards or so.  The biggest issue that I have with them is that without them being FFP, a change in your magnification will change your point of impact, especially with the shorter curve of a pellet rifle, even if you're shooting cast slugs.

That being said, the Hammers is a light violet illumination which really stands out against the target quite exceptionally and it has a leveling bubble inside the lens that is quite simple to use and helps with shooter caused cant, especially on uneven terrain. As Alan stated though, the liquid is not as good inside the level as one would like which could cause more issues in the colder weather.

Regardless, given all that information, I would buy another Hammers before I would buy another Mueller.

I want to recommend this: to you. I don't know if it's the cheapest but I've been using it for a whole year already and had no problems with it.


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