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Listone L1000
« on: April 03, 2017, 04:16:48 AM »

I have been looking for a portable chronograph, which didn’t require any setup time to speak of. The results of my search was the Listone L1000.

It is NOT perfect! One drawback is, it measures velocity in meters per second. The formula to remember is .3048 decided into the M/S to get FPS. Just .3, which you can do in your head, is close enough to see if there is an issue with your airgun.

I only paid $68 for it, but it cost $46 to ship it. If they had a US distributor, it would certainly be less. And they’d no doubt change the firmware so it read out in FPS.

Mine arrived with a flaky on/off switch, but they promptly sent me another.

The one thing it does do, it never errors! At least after about 200 rounds it hasn’t.

But there is more to the story.

I own a Crony Alpha. Even with a light kit, if your aim is off even an inch or so, it errors, typically err2 which is the far detector. It works just fine when shooting a powder burner, so perhaps it is the dull finish of the pellet. Maybe I should put some in my brass polisher, and shine them up! Outdoors? Yes it is better, but not by much.

I also looked at the Magnetospeed V3, the Travis’ suggested Caldwell G2, and the Oehler 35. But they require setup time just like the Crony Alpha.

I looked at the LabRadar. Although it really isn’t portable, it would allow you to calculate the real BC of any given pellet. Well, even with the optional microphone and bracket to hold it (a requirement for pellet guns), it won’t “see” a .177 pellet at all! It has issues with even a .22 pellet, and won’t see .25 caliber ones, unless the unit is VERY close to the muzzle. At nearly $1,000 with all of the goodies, I’m glad I got to use one before I dropped the bucks.

The point here is, we all have our like and dislikes, and our use parameters. But I needed something which didn’t require a lot of messing around, and one with the sole use of checking velocity in the field. I found it, but it undoubtedly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea!

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Re: Listone L1000
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2017, 06:52:54 PM »
 Nice find Alan. Im looking for a new Chrony at the moment. My current caldwell isn't bad but certainly isn't the best.
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