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Pacific Airgun Expo updates
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March 25/26 2017

New e-blast service: Seems like everything I do for the Pacific Airgun Expo involves a learning curve.  The email list I had been using for notices apparently had gotten too large for the service it was on, so I'm not sure if everyone got the last notice.  So, I have moved the list over to a real e-blast service, MailChimp.  If you would like to be added to the notices list, please send drop me a note:

Registrations are increasing for both vendors and attendees.  We're still short of our goal though, so especially if you're a vendor please make your commitment to come by signing up on the web site:

Early attendee registrations will be eligible for free prizes.  Names will be drawn when online registrations close and you will be notified when you check in if you won.  What those prizes will be are yet to be determined based on what kind of donations we get.  Update: thank you Trenier Outdoors for your donation!

Like all airgun shows, we desperately need vendor donations to help fund the event.  We're not doing this in the back room of an Elks Lodge.  We have a real fairgrounds facility in a fantastic outdoor sports community with a nearby gun range; a perfect venue for the Pacific Airgun Expo to grow into.  But it is expensive, and the PAE has not grown to the point that table rent and attendee ticket sales can fund the whole cost.  However, we are not a non-profit.  Not that there is any profit, but as we are not a legal non-profit we can not charge for raffle tickets or hold auctions.  We will give away some donations as door prizes, but we really need some items of value that we can sell at the event to help pay for the event.  Vendors that donate will be given prominent billing on the web site and at the event.

Huge collections for sale at the PAE this year!
An example of what makes the PAE so exciting for us airgun enthusiasts is this email I got from someone needing several tables to move his collection:

"I need to unload my life long collection of ancient, antique and high tech way too many webleys, giffards, abas, langford, acvoke, tell, hammerli, b.s.a., bosseler, Diana, hi-score, fienworkbau, pardini, ELondon, fas, walther, protos, etc."

That sounds pretty exciting!

Shooting at a real gun range!
We have made arrangements with a nearby (about 6 miles away) gun range.  Any clubs that might want to put on a demonstration or even hold actual competitions are encouraged to do so.  Manufacturers that want to let the public try your products can have a presence there.  Please let me know your plans so I can advertise it for you. 

There are many local activities to make the PAE a destination event for the whole family.  Please visit the web site to read more about all there is to do in the area:

Watch your email and the PAE web site for more updates!
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