Author Topic: L.A.S.S.O. Gathering in California 2020  (Read 251 times)


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Playing the Devil's advocate towards the Gathering in California 2020
« Reply #15 on: April 17, 2019, 05:44:28 AM »
I trust this will get off to a good start, and completion. Here's why.

Our society is changing, in that public gatherings are not as popular as they once were. They are in fact (in my opinion), on the way out. For example, amateur radio get-togethers, known as Hamfests, have been a very popular activity over the years. And, amateur radio's population has increased almost five fold in the last twenty years. Yet, the number of successful Hamfests have dwindled to near obscurity. I'm sure the Internet and cellphones are two of the main causes, but they're also the two main causes for falloff of other hobbyists' get-togethers. Those that remain are typically attended by the hard core advocates.

As mentioned previously, getting those hard core guys to attend, takes a lot of work, and coordination of more than just one or two folks. I have to hand it to Steve, Kevin, and others, for their drive and enthusiasm. However, the rest of us have to pitch in. I personally am willing to forward (reasonable) monies towards the effort. At this writing, that is about all I can do, due to my personal (family) commitments. So my callout is to all of us members of the Guild. Let's get going, guys!
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Re: L.A.S.S.O. Gathering in California 2020
« Reply #16 on: April 17, 2019, 10:05:38 AM »
Stuff to contemplate and research. On going list for folks to add to.

1. A Date
2. Location -  trying to keep it all under one "roof".
    a. for shooting
    b. for vendors
    c. for food / beverages
    d. for refilling of tanks - perhaps get a compressor sponsor.
    e. porta poddy
    f. look at existing ranges to see if they have the ranges required for L.A.S.S.O.
3. Getting the word out to vendors and attendees
4. Getting the word out to the press - including the big names.
5. Arranging Photography and Video of the event
6. Come up with some graphics for the event so we can have banners on as many airgun related websites as possible
7. Form a board of interested parties to brainstorm
8. Seek out sponsors to help out with reducing overhead in exchange for advertising, product placement etc.
  a. pyramyd
  b. Airgun Depot
  c. JSAR
  d. Nielsen Specialty Ammo and other ammo makers
  e. Airgun Guild
  f. any other forum interested. As I said, Inclusive to benefit the airgun community as a whole.
  g. compressor and tank vendors
  h. Clague, and other moderator manufacturers
  i.  tuners
  j. airforce, crosman, daisy, umarex, fx, big bore manufacturers including and especially the cottage industry
  k. scope manufacturers
  l. fill in the blanks please!
9. Getting three + official L.A.S.S.O. targets made. Some sort of a reset or auto reset if targets like the ones Eric has used.

Talked to Eric Henderson - sounds like he's ok with using the L.A.S.S.O. name and rules as long as they remain the same rules he's been using. I will continue to talk to him, and get ideas he's willing to share.

I'm doing a lot of thinking out loud.  What's clear to me is this will be a huge endeavor, but with a bunch of folks pitching in even tiny bits, will help pull this off. We are stronger together.
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