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2016 Oregon State FT Championship results ....
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 ;D  Copy & paste from the yellow FT forum ...

Results- AAFTA GP & Oregon St. Championships - June 24th - 26th
June 27 2016 at 11:29 PM   Wayne Burns  (Login WayneBurns)

Match Report- Oregon State Championships- AAFTA Grand Prix – June 24-26th 2016

The weather was just about perfect for the Oregon state Championships this year. Friday was particularly nice with a high of about 80 and mild winds, Saturday the temps went up just a bit warmer with stronger winds up to 9mph, and Sunday climbing up to almost 90, but the wind was milder with gusts to only 6mph, but they were tricky in that they were swirling around the buildings and switching from left to right to behind us and from the right at times. The low humidity made it a nice weekend to shoot field target.

Lots of dedicated folks traveled up from California and down from Washington.... thanks for taking the time and spending the money!

The pistol course was 42 shots on 7 lanes of three targets each, and was quite challenging with a 19.2 rifle troyer, which converts to a 33.9 Pistol Troyer. The average kill zone was 1.1, Avg. Yds 19.2 and Diff factor was 1.2. Six of the shots were standing, ten were downhill, and four very uphill in trees. The good news is it was very pleasant in the shade of the oaks as we shot along and across the creek.

Friday’s pistol match was contested by 10 shooters, and ended up a very tight race with a new young competitor, Vincent Marquez, (Riz’s son) making a very good showing and scaring the poop out of the experienced shooters with a strong 4th place finish! Everyone, except Lonnie Smith had some misses on their first lane, but Riz and I missed three each and we were thinking “this is not the way to start a big match”, but we got back on track and Riz only missed one on the next three lanes, and I went clean….

Meanwhile, Lonnie only dropped one each on his next three lanes. Randy and Jacob were also making up ground after a slow start, with Randy missing only one on his next lane, then cleaning his next three. It was a very tight race. The offhand lane turned out to be the decider, as it so often is, and Randy went 4/6, Wayne 3/6, Lonnie 1/6, Riz 1/6 & Vincent 2/6, and that gave Randy the Overall High score Pistol, with Riz and I in a tie for second overall and Lonnie just a point behind, and new shooter Vincent only two more down…. And Riz earned the Open Pistol Title.

Jason Howard tried the course with a ten meter rifle and did pretty well on the close shots, but didn’t have the trajectory and wind doping for the 22 yard plus ones.

The rifle course was a ONE shot per target match, with 17 lanes, 3 targets per lane, for a 51 shot course. Only minor changes were made for day two, but since each target is only shot once each day, and the shooter has to range them on different days, and deal with different winds each day, we feel this is actually a harder troyer rating than the rating chart shows. All shooters I talked with said it IS MUCH harder, but more fun and challenging at the same time and especially those who are planning to attend the worlds, where this is more like that format than the normal two shot per target AAFTA matches. Without wind factors, the course was a 33.1 troyer, with the avg KZ 1 inch, avg distance 28.5 yards, the difficulty factor was 1.2. There were many up and downhill shots and at least 12 long shots across the canyon and up at the top of the hill where the wind was strongest and hardest to read.

32 competitors shot the rifle course on Saturday and Sunday, 1 Hunter piston, 6 WFTF PCP, 1 WFTF Piston, 4 Western FreeStyle, and 10 each for Hunter PCP and Open PCP. Kevin had planned to shoot WFTF Piston, but his HW97 broke during sight in, and Riz offered to let him share his Steyr in WFTF PCP…..but as often happens, Kevin 46/51, beat Riz on day one by 3 with Riz’s gun:-) Day two, would change that though:-) Allan Heggem was close on their heels with a 41/51.

By the end of day one, Chris Lovitt was well ahead in FreeStyle class with a 42/51. Randy Ebersole, 44/51, led the Hunter PCP by 1 over Angel Santiago and 5 over Scott Schneider. In the Open class, Doug Miller led all competitors with a 47/51, with myself, and his wife Vipha only one and two points behind. Son Lu, Bob Pont and Vince Pacheco were all still in the running with none with more than 12 misses…. But what did I say, where is the guy who ended up fourth, but with 14 misses day one?.... Jim Whittlesey had a terrible day one (for him), of 37/51, but tied for high score with a 48/51, on day two for the comeback of the century to secure a solid 4th place. Son Lu also shot a super score day two of 46/51 for a tie for second high score of day two with Doug Miller, and a very solid third place in open class.

One could say that day two was for sure one of comebacks. First Riz, being 3 down on Kevin day one, and winning the class by 3, then Scott Schneider came from a distant third day one to also tie for second high score day two with a 46/51, and squeak out the win over Randy Ebersole. And I, amazingly for me, went 5/6 on the offhand and kneeling lanes to squeak out a one point win over Doug Miller in the Open class, and the high score overall.

I must say shooting with Doug always brings out the best in his competitor of the day. Doug is such a gentleman, and encourages the one he’s shooting with to do their best and congratulates every shot made. We had what Doug called, “his most fun match ever”… We were back and forth within a point or two both days and it came down to Doug’s last shot of the match for an overall tie, or my victory….. I still say, he’s such a nice guy, he pulled it on purpose:-) He rarely misses a sitting shot! AND for sure would have won a shoot off with me:-)

Another note of comeback shooting was Jason Howard, after his springer equipment failure on day one, Scott Schneider lent him his highly tuned Marauder, with which Jason then shot an amazing 33/51 as a very new to the sport shooter. Jason Howard has now gone to the dark side folks, for some reason he likes to knock down targets:-)

Our other brand new shooters were Curtis Owens, 22/51 both days with his RWS 48, and, Darren Johnson who was actually, on the sight in line, minutes before the match, installing a borrowed scope on a borrowed Steyr, (from Gabriel Lucero, who was helping Darren, instead of prepping his own equipment), to help Darren compete in WFTF PCP class, for his first match ever!

I’m so proud to see how these competitors helped the new shooters have their best chance on this tough course, and to the detriment of their own scores to boot…. Well actually, it looks like some good Karma came Scott’s way with his super comeback day two:-) And one more great comeback performance of day two shooting for a tie in 4th place was another new shooter John Knapp with a 44/51 day two.

I really am so thankful for all those who traveled so far to attend, and those who helped out with the event like JD Dodge and Sue Vogel with registration and product sales, Randy, Chris and Jacob on the course and food, Jim Whittlesey and Jim Cyran with scoring and awards, and my always giving wife Christine, my loving sister Laurie and her friend Kathy, for all their hard work with prepping the facility and the meals for both the campers and the competitors lunches. What a lot of hard work they all put out, and I know I could never even think about hosting an event like this without them!

Here are the scoring details:

Pistol totals:

1st OPEN Pistol - Riz Marquez – LP1 Rizzynator – 3-12 x 50 Bushnell – JSB 8.4 @ 10fpe – 33/42

1st Hunter Pistol & overall high pistol – Randy Ebersole- Crosman 1720 T – Leapers 3- 12 x44 – AA 7.34 @ 9fpe – 35/42
2nd Hunter Pistol – Wayne Burns- Crosman 1720 T – Leapers 3- 12 x44– AA 7.87 @ 10fpe – 33/42
3rd Hunter Pistol – Lonnie Smith- Crosman hybrid – Simmons 3- 12 x44– JSB 8.4 @ 8fpe – 32/42
4th Hunter Pistol - Vincent Marquez Crosman 2240 TKO –Kaspa 3- 12 x44 – JSB 8.4 @ 10fpe – 30/42
5th Hunter Pistol – Jacob Sumner - Crosman 1720 T – Leapers 3- 12 x44 – AA 7.34 @ 9fpe – 27/42
6th Hunter Pistol – John Knapp - Crosman 1720 T – Leapers 3- 12 x44 – JSB 7.34 @ 8fpe – 25/42
7th Hunter Pistol – Scott Schneider- Air Max– BSA 3- 12 x44– AA 7.34 @ 10fpe – 24/42
8th Hunter Pistol – JD Dodge- CZ 200 PRB UTG 3-12x44– RWS 8.44 @ 11fpe – 14/42
9th Hunter Pistol – Sue Vogel - Crosman 1720 T – Sight Mark 3- 12 x44 – JSB 7.9 @ 7fpe – 11/42

1st Basic Break Barrel- Jason Howard – FWB Mini- UTG 4-12x44 – JSB 8.44 @ 6.5fpe – 13/42


1st WFTF PCP – Riz Marquez – Steyr – LG 110 – Sightron 10-50 x 60 – JSB 7.9 @11.2fpe- 88/102
2nd WFTF PCP – Kevin Yee – Steyr – LG 110 – Sightron 10-50 x 60 – JSB 7.9 @11.2fpe- 85/102
3rd WFTF PCP – Allan Heggem – Air Arms S400 MPR FT – Hawke 8-32x44 – AA 7.34 @11fpe- 81 /102
4th WFTF PCP – Gabriel Lucero – Steyr – LG 110 – Sightron 10-50 x 60 – JSB 8.4 @11.3fpe- 66/102
5th WFTF PCP- Mark Gravelle – Marauder FT – Lupe Comp 35 – AA 7.34 @11.7fpe- 44/102
6th WFTF PCP- Darren Johnson - Steyr – LG 110 – Leapers 4-16 x56 – JSB 7.9 @ 11fpe – 24/102

1st Jim Poh – TX 200 – Busnell 8-32x40 – JSB 7.9 @ 10fpe – 43/102

1st Curtis Owens – RWS 48 – Center Point – 4-16 x40 – JSB 15.9 @ 19fpe – 44/102


1st Chris Lovitt – FWB P 70 FT – Leapers 4- 16 x56 – JSB 10.34 @ 15fpe – 87/102
2nd Larry Durham – Custom USFT Hunter – Bushnell 8-32x40 – JSB 8.44 @ 15fpe – 63/102
3rd JD Dodge – Air Arms PTFT – UTG 3-12 x 44 – JSB 8.44 @ 11fpe – 62/102
4th Sue Vogel – CZ 200 – UTG 3- 12 x44 - JSB 8.44 @ 11fpe – 44/102


1st Hunter PCP - Scott Schneider – Daystate MK 3 – Optisan 4-12 x44 – JSB 13 @ 19fpe – 85/102
2nd Hunter PCP – Randy Ebersole – Marauder – Hawke 6.5 -20 x 42 – JSB 10.34 @ 15fpe – 84/102
3rd Hunter PCP- Angel Santiago – Rapid MFR – Aeon 6 -24x56 – JSB 10.34 @ 18fpe – 82/102
4th Hunter PCP- Jim Cyran – Steyr LG100 Hawke 4.5 – 14x42 – JSB 10.34 @ 17fpe – 75/102 - tie 4th.
4th Hunter PCP- John Knapp – TM 100 – Hawke 8-32x 56 – JSB 10.34 @ 18fpe – 75/102 - tie 4th
6th Hunter PCP- Lonnie Smith – USFT – - Aeon 3 – 12 x50 – JSB 10.34 @ 18fpe – 69/102
7th Hunter PCP- Jacob Sumner – Marauder - Aeon 10-40 x56 – JSB 10.34 @ 16fpe – 68/102
8th Hunter PCP- Vincent Marquez – Daystate MK4- MCT 4-16 x44 – JSB 10.34 @ 17fpe – 68/102
9th Hunter PCP- Jason Howard - Marauder – – Hawke 8-32x 56 – JSB 8.4 @ 17fpe – dnf day one – 33/51
10th Hunter PCP- Russ Cronk – FX Elite – Hawke 10x 44– JSB 8.4 @ 17fpe – dnf day two – 29/51


1st Open PCP – Wayne Burns – USFT 144 – BSA 10 – 50 x60 – AA .22 cal. 13.44 @ 19.5fpe – 94/102
2nd Open PCP – Doug Miller – Thomas BR 0009 – Nikko 10 – 50 x60 – JSB .177 cal 13.44 @ 19.8fpe – 93/102
3rd Open PCP – Son Lu – Steyr LG100– Sightron10 – 50 x60 – JSB 10.34 @ 19fpe – 88/102
4th Open PCP – Jim Whittlesey – USFT # 148 – Nikko 10 – 50 x60 – JSB 10.34 @ 19fpe – 85/102
5th Open PCP – Bob Pont – Marauder FT – Hawke 8 – 32 x 56 – JSB 8.44 @ 15fpe – 82/102
6th Open PCP – Vihpa Miller – Thomas BR 0010 – Nikko 10 – 50 x60 – JSB .177 cal 13.44 @ 19.8fpe – 80/102 - tie 6th place
6th Open PCP – Vince Pacheco – USFT # 11 – BSA 10 – 50 x60– CPH 10.5 @ 18fpe – 80/102- tie 6th place
7th Open PCP – Chris Merritt – USFT # 27 – Nikko 10 – 50 x60– AA 10.34 @ 19fpe – 73/102
8th Open PCP – Carlos Iglesias – Air Arms S 400 – Falcon T50 CPH 10.5 @ 18fpe – 67/102
9th Open PCP- Gordan Stipe – Daystate MK4- “Hector” Sghtron 10-50 – JSB 10.34 @ 18fpe – 49/102

In closing, it’s very uncomfortable, (and pleasurable at the same time of course), to win ones owns match. We do shoot the course an average of three times a month in the season, although, I didn’t shoot the last one, or work on my gun before the match, because I was working on the facility long hours the two weeks prior. But, we do know how tricky the winds can be, and basically could remember what number (or letter in my case), might work on a target. But with 51 different targets, that is not as easy as one might think, AND, because we want to do well when we travel, we don’t even try to remember, which is what I think most match directors and their helpers try to do as well.
If one looks back at the scores from our local matches, a 45/51 is about the best ever done by us locals and that was shot by Chris Lovitt and Randy Ebersole. We did make the course a little different and harder in a few places and easier in others for this match, but no doubt there is a “home court advantage”. But on the other hand, Randy, Mark, Bob, Chris and Jacob have all beaten me on this course, many times….. So, the only real explanation I can think of, is Doug Miller brings out the best in me:-) But, of course, the real test will be the next matches in Nevada July 23-24th, Western States in Aug, AZ in Sept, and the Nationals in Oct. No home court for us there:-) Hope to see you all there for some more friendly competition!

The next $1,000 in air gun equipment Prize match for cleaning the course is on July 2nd. Be there or be Square:-) Match fees are $15 and include lunch. Email me for a registration form…

Thanks again to all who made the journey and I pray you all arrived home safely.

Respectfully submitted,

Wayne Burns,
Match Director,
Oregon State Field Target Championships 2016
Ashland Air Rifle Range
Ashland, Oregon
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