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Rattus Rattus Resistus
« on: October 21, 2017, 10:08:27 AM »
Rattus Rattus Resistus, but in the end did not help his situation.

35 Yards at top of hill feeder.  He was skittish but settled down for a few seconds,  just in time to grab the Sumatra .25 Carbine with SWFA 10x Scope, slip out the back door, and cradle on my now ancient photography tripod. Desperately struggled to focus my crusty eyes but finally found the sweet spot, cheek on stock, cross hairs on the main mass of the Rattus Rattus. Squeezed that pretty horrible trigger and beaned the Rattus. There was a mighty whack, the Rattus screamed as it hit the backdrop and gave a mighty leap. I heard thrashing and silence.

Went to retrieve Rattus but could not for the life of me find it. This was the second one I could not find in two nights. Dingdangdurnit!

Went out this morning to gather my lights so I could put the batteries on charge. And then I spotted Rattus. He made it through the fence and five feet away. 24 grain JSB hit the shoulder and exited close to spine. Ouch.

Up next: Just got my new to me .25 Marauder back from Travis ( It got a super tune for a nice long string, with an additional goal of keeping it quiet. This is to be my new rat gun, as wonderful as the Sumatra is, that hammer smack going off at 2am is Loud No Matter the pellet or power setting. I’m excited !

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