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Rattus Rattus Bonk-in-the-body-us
« on: February 06, 2018, 09:26:38 AM »
Finally a visitor. Rattus Rattus Bonkus in the Bodyus.

I did not retrieve the body. I know I hit it because of the rat's reaction, and by the fur covered pellet hole on the backdrop. So many dead cottonwood tree leaves that are the exact same coloring as the Rattus Rattus makes it really hard at 3:30am to find the varmint. I heard the thrashing around death dance so I'm sure I succeeded.  Skunk came by a few minutes later, and perhaps it made off with the rat.

The movie view is much, much better than what I see in the scope. I saw a mostly white outline, and thus took a body shot.

I'm starting to love this ATN X-Sight infrared sight. I'm learning the idiosyncrasies of the x-sight, as I go along. Because my outfit is heavier than I'm used to, I think I need to adjust my sniping position so I can be more comfortable, and quiet. I have been shooting standing up using a photo tripod. This weekend I added a chair, and lowered the tripod. It's less than optimal, as when I first sneak out the back door, I can't see squat, and end up tripping on something or having to move the chair and making a scraping sound. The rats hear every bloody thing I do for sure. I swear they can hear me breathing 25 yards away. But perhaps that's just my paranoia.

I've started taking video, and still shots as I'm shooting, and I have to say I love the images. I'm an old school photographer from way back when. Probably spent a third of my life in the black and white and color darkrooms printing small images up to 6' x 12' murals. But one love from my early days was with 35mm infrared images. I shot with a #87 IR filter which is visually opaque, and ended up with super dreamy images, as only IR light was recorded and the visible spectrum completely filtered out. I even shot some 4x5 infrared film at night using a 400 watt second Lumendyne strobe outfitted with a #87 filter over the light. I could shoot in complete dark and no one knew I was using a strobe to light up an area. Great stuff. The X-sight takes me back.

Anyway, this ATN X-Sight ll HD is growing on me. I think I'm smitten.

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