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great meat day
« on: November 19, 2018, 07:02:31 PM »
I was heading out of the driveway to go fishing today when low and behold a nice flock of turkeys was walking across the field. I had just taped the scope dope to the bottle on my Texan so I ran back in the house, and when I got out they were still there. 125 yards, checked the holdover (.5 dot) and WHACK! Turkey on the ground. Quickly cleaned the bird and got in the truck to make it to the ramp with the boat on time to meet my fishing buddy. Shortening a story, we landed 14 nice stripers to 26" and kept our limit of four.

Nice day to be able to have some bird meat and fresh fish. Air's slightly cleaner today too...hopefully the smoke will be going away soon. That being said, where the smoke originated from there are people (those still alive) with way bigger problems. Thoughts and prayers.

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