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A customer purchased some of my 372 grain slugs for his Texan and reported back he was pleased with his shooting at paper targets.  Today he sent me a bit more exciting news.  The following is a cut and paste from his email:

I have enclosed some photos of my 16 year old daughter that took a doe this past weekend with your 372 grain slug out of a Texan.  Bullet performed great.  Power adjuster set as you said.  750 FPS at muzzle.  50 yard group nearly hole in hole with 2800 psi fill.  100 yard group less than 2 inches.
She shot this deer at @ 75 yards.  A little high in shoulder. Took out both lungs through off side ribs with slug remaining just under the hide.

You can post these photos to promote your bullet any way you wish.  I have seen paper targets but now you have recovered slug and carcass photos to work with.
Joe K. (270) 7XX-XXXX

This is the slug he shot:

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That young lady did a great job with the deer.
And Nick you make an amazing product my friend.
Thank you for the post and the pictures



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Yeah she did! ;D
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