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Thanks to Steveoh for enlightening me. As a result, I've set up a store at As soon as the logo is approved, and I pick the things we can buy reasonably, Steveoh will set up the Guild Mall with a link to the right store at CafePress.

They have caps, shirts, Ts, and even thong underwear replete with the Guild Logo! At present, only the three color logo will be available, but once we get approved, I'll add the B&W one too.

You can thank Steveoh!


Cafepress has been set up, sort of. I haven't listed everything (merchandise) in the set up, but there is enough there to whet one's appetite. If there is something, please send me a PM, and I'll get it added.

We're going to bring back the Guild Mall, but until we get that done, if you want some bling, there is the URL:


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