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Author Topic: For Sale: Hatsan BT65 SB .25 Cal PCP Rifle  (Read 347 times)


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For Sale: Hatsan BT65 SB .25 Cal PCP Rifle
« on: May 23, 2017, 02:12:05 PM »
Hatsan 25 cal BT65 SB PCP rifle with all the accessories needed to go shooting. The 25 cal BT65 SB fires a 25.4 grain JSB Match Diablo Exact King pellet at approximately 950 feet per second at the muzzle, equivalent to approximately 52 ft-lbs, more than enough power for varmint hunting. On a typical fill, this rifle will fire 20 rounds. The rifle's tank can be refilled from a suitable high pressure air source such as a compressor or a SCUBA tank. This rifle has a right side mounted bolt which when cycled, sets the safety, latches the valve hammer, advances the rotary magazine, and loads a pellet in the chamber. The rifle can be fired 10 times without having to do anything other than cycling the bolt and pulling the trigger.

This rifle features an adjustable trigger, a receiver mounted safety, a removable air tank with built-in pressure gauge, a removable 10 round rotary magazine, picatinny rail for optics on the receiver, picatinny rail under the forearm for a light or bipod, adjustable front and rear sights, an adjustable butt plate, an adjustable cheek rest, and front and rear sling swivels. The scope is currently zeroed for 22 yards with 25.4 gr JSB Exacts and shoots a ragged hole in the target at that range.

The package offered includes:
Hatsan BT65 .25 cal PCP rifle,
Hatsan rifle sling,
Hatsan .25 cal air stripper,
Hatsan barrel thread protector,
Hatsan PCP tank de-gasser,
2 extra Hatsan .25 cal 10-round magazines,
K-Valve fill adapter with Hatsan fill fitting, pressure gauge, and bleed valve,
80 cubic foot aluminum SCUBA air tank,
Hawke 3-9x40 AO Mil Dot Air Gun scope with lens covers,
One piece scope mount,
Soft side gun case.

Purchased new, this equipment would cost over $1100 before tax and shipping. I am offering the above listed rifle and equipment for $750 US plus shipping. In the event that shipping the SCUBA cylinder becomes too expensive or problematic, I will sell all the above items without the SCUBA tank for $700 US plus shipping. This is a terrific varmint rifle and a bargain at $750.