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NOE Announces More Pellet Moulds

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I have been working with Al Nelson at NOE Moulds to increase the number of pellet moulds available so that airgunners can cast their own pellets, reducing the cost per shot.... These designs are based on the successful .25 and .30 cal moulds that NOE already have available, with a round-nosed design with a 60% meplat that makes the pellet hit harder, and is required for the nose-pour style moulds that NOE is producing.... They are using their proven "RG" pin system to provide three different depths of base cavity so that you can fine tune the weight and CG location for what works best in your gun.... As part of this major entry into supplying Diabolo style (waisted) pellets, NOE have decided to name the pellets to make their use clear.... The existing .25 and .30 cal moulds, because they were designed at the heavy end of the spectrum within each caliber will be called "Magnum Hunter" pellets, and that series will now be expanded to cover .22, .35 and .45 calibers.... There were requests for shorter, lighter pellets in .25 and .30 cal, and that will be available in the new "Hunter" series, covering those calibers, plus .22 cal as well.... In addition, a .22 cal Wadcutter design will complete the line-up, dubbed a "Target" pellet....

First of all, here are the two existing designs, currently available in the NOE Online Store....

Here are the new lighter weight offerings in these two calibers....

and here are the new .35 and .45 cal designs.... It is planned to offer the .45 cal in 0.452" and 0.457" head diameters....

Finally, here is the new .22 cal line-up of NOE pellets....

As I understand it, Al plans to produce these designs ASAP and place the moulds in the store without using Group Buys.... This will reduce the time required for the new pellets to proceed through the NOE system.... I will of course keep you informed as each new pellet mould is ready for purchase....


Great news! I love my NOE .458 HP mold. With the three varieties of pins I can cast two different hollow points, and one solid point. I do wish they were a bit heavier for the DAQ though. The 909s seems to like them just fine.

I've wondered about the pellet shaped molds and if the 909s would like those. I don't think the DAQ will like them due to lightness though. Perhaps if I cut down the hammer spring. Naw. I like the boom.

I wonder who makes Mr. Hollowpoint's molds? Those bullets are super hollow points. I've wandered around all the mold makers but have yet to see such huge openings that Bob has.

Oh, found a shop:

I just got off the phone with Al, and he asked me to supply him with drawings for .25 cal and .30 cal Target pellets, similar to what I did above in .22 cal (based on the Hunter design but a wadcutter).... Looks like he is really committed to producing a variety of moulds for airgun pellets....  8)


Ok, I'm still not convinced that a big old .575 pellet wouldn't be an awesome projectile for my .58 DAQ Pistol and Short Outlaw Rifle.

Defunct mold from AAO:

Will cast pellets from 364 grains ,394 grains and 434 grains.

Roundball in .575 is 286 grains.

Drawing is for a larger pellet. The DAQ barrels are designed to take a .575 round ball as it drops from the mold. Will double check drop size in pure lead.


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